3 Reasons Why A Focused Data Provider Is Pivotal to Healthcare Sales Success

When it comes to selling into hospitals and IDNs, access to demographic data just doesn’t cut it. A healthcare specific data provider arms you with not only the basics - executive contacts, phone numbers, and addresses but also clinical indicators and claims data. This data enables a full view of market opportunity and is key to translating data into action.

On Thursday, November 19th, we’ll show you how and why a healthcare specific data provider will give your team an edge. Join us as we cover three real-world examples of how your peers have utilized clinical and claims data to:

  • Size markets for territory development by identifying hospitals and IDNs that have a need for specific solutions using quality, financial, and clinical metrics
  • Focus on well-fit and high-intent accounts using net patient revenue, departmental budgets, procedure and diagnosis data, and other information
  • Identify key executives and top physicians within specific specialties with clinical and/or technology-in-use parameters

About the Presenters

Jason Reynolds, Senior Vice President of Account Management and Customer Experience

Jason Reynolds, Senior Vice President of Account Management and Customer Experience

Jason Reynolds, Definitive Healthcare’s Senior Vice President of Account Management & Customer Experience, has spent 25+ years in the life sciences industry leading software sales and services organizations. At Definitive, he is responsible for leading the account management and customer experience teams focused on ensuring client success and value realization. Prior to joining the Definitive Healthcare team, Jason held several executive sales leadership roles at leading technology companies, such as Intralinks, Intuit, Sparta Systems and Phase Forward. He also serves on the Board of Directors of Cisiv Ltd. He received his bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Fairfield University.


Mike Sigmon, Sales Executive, Enterprise Accounts

Mike Sigmon, Sales Executive, Enterprise Accounts

Mike Sigmon has been in the SaaS space for 10+ years, focusing on healthcare for the past five. He currently helps medical device companies utilize Definitive Healthcare’s robust data platform. Prior to joining the Definitive Healthcare team, Mike held several sales and account management roles at companies such as athenahealth and PTC. He received his bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Kentucky.

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Jason Reynolds (00:01):
Good afternoon everyone. My name is Jason Reynolds. I’m the Senior Vice President of Account Management and Customer Experience at Definitive Healthcare. We appreciate everybody joining us today for this webinar to discuss why it is so critical to have a healthcare-specific data provider to enable your go-to-market strategies when you sell into the healthcare ecosystem.

Just a few housekeeping items before we get started. One is this session is being recorded and we will send it to all attendees. Second thing is that your console is fully customizable so that you can minimize and maximize windows as you see fit. Thirdly, there’s a two survey question on your console. We’d be greatly appreciative if you took the time to give us feedback. Without your feedback, we can’t make these as valuable as we’d like to, and so appreciate you taking the time to do that. And then lastly, you’ll also notice a Q&A window so that if you have any questions during our session today, please feel free to ask questions and we’ll do everything to make sure we get you answers as a follow-up action item.

So without any further ado, I’d also like to introduce my colleague, Mike Sigmon. Mike has been at Definitive Healthcare on our New Business Team for four years. He’s worked with a lot of our customers to help them leverage the power of our healthcare-specific data to solve very unique go-to-market challenges. And Mike will be spending some time with us later in the session to talk about three specific use cases that will help illustrate why it is so critical to have healthcare-specific data available to you in order to maximize your success in the market.

From an agenda perspective, we will start out with just two quick slides that talk about the broader healthcare ecosystem and the power of data. We will also, as I mentioned, explore three specific use cases that will help highlight how that data can be critical in your achievements of strategic results. I’ll end with some closing thoughts and then some question and answers at the end.

So without any further ado, we’ll just jump right into it. So, with respect to selling to healthcare, I think it’s important to note that at Definitive, we cast a very wide net and look at all points of care, from hospitals to physician groups to long-term care centers as well as payers. And it is critically important that you interconnect all this information to make sure that you have a more comprehensive view of the entire landscape, and enable your go-to-market planning and sales enablement efforts so that you can focus on the strategic execution of your plans.

With respect to our data, we are wholly focused on healthcare and the specificity of the entire healthcare ecosystem when it comes to our data. There’s tremendous amount of information at your fingertips, things that you can do, such as procedural analytics, executive contact information, and also taking a look at the technologies used in the healthcare ecosystem at hospitals and long-term care facilities as just some examples of the power of the information that we have.

Now I’d like to turn it over to my partner, Mike, to talk to you about some use cases that will help highlight the importance of having this type of information available to you as you think about solving the complex challenges that you have in selling to the healthcare ecosystem. Mike, over to you… .