Definitive Healthcare For Biopharma: Get Inspired By Peer and Competitor Use Cases

When it comes to the commercial success of your drugs and therapies, identifying and influencing the physicians that treat your target patient populations is critical.

But what real-world data insights are other biopharma firms using to maximize commercial success for their treatments?

During this webinar, we’ll share real-world examples of how your peers and competitors have benefited from:

  • Affiliations data which captures insight into physicians' clinical decisions
  • Propensity to prescribe insights informed by Rx claims (key to dedicating resources to your most valuable physician targets)
  • Diagnosis and procedure data that projects macro and micro level analyses on specific therapeutic markets based on Medical Claims

Join us as we demonstrate that when Definitive Healthcare’s datasets are combined, biopharma companies find more efficient paths to market, generate insights that power growth, and inform sales and brand tactics.

About the Presenters

Eric Rosenberg

Eric Rosenberg

Strategic Account Executive @Definitive Healthcare

Eric Rosenberg is a strategic account executive at Definitive Healthcare, though that title doesn’t quite cut it. It would be an understatement to say that Eric helps biopharma companies use Definitive Healthcare’s robust data platform. An award-winning sales professional, Eric draws from his own experience in customer success to bring a consultative approach to account management. Eric’s approach is to push clients to their next level of maturity in terms of their mastery of the product and the sophistication of their use cases. He spends most of his time advising clients on applications for Definitive Healthcare insights and working with colleagues in customer success to fortify client success. His reputation for relationship-based selling makes him a sought-out advisor for Definitive clients that are planning their own sales strategies.

Dave Johnson

Dave Johnson

Enterprise Sales Executive @Definitive Healthcare

Dave Johnson is an enterprise sales executive who joined Definitive Healthcare as part of the PatientFinder acquisition in December 2019. His industry experience includes field clinical sales, medtech manufacturing, and healthcare analytics, giving him unique perspectives on how real-world data can be leveraged from multiple angles within life sciences organizations. He spends much of his time collaborating with biopharma companies seeking to enhance pre-clinical R&D and pivotal trial preparations or accelerate market adoption and commercial launch strategies. Dave’s philosophy is that limited data gives clients limited wisdom in the decisions they make to guide their sales and go-to-market teams. He’s committed to presenting solutions for biopharma companies to enable better insights and visibility to the patients they treat and the physicians and care settings that surround them.

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