The Definitive Approach to Healthcare Sales - 101: Codifying the Patient Journey

The ABC’s on DRGs, CPTs, HCPCS, and ICD-10s

A playbook for selling to healthcare providers has some of the same chapters you’d see in any B2B sales playbook. Total addressable market defined? Territories built? Check, and check. The similarities go on.

But still, a sales playbook can’t just be lifted from one sector to another - and this is particularly true in healthcare. In healthcare, the substance behind a data-driven strategy isn’t just hospital demographics and physician specialties (though those are important). Instead, it’s the data that captures the patient journey that drives it all.

That’s captured in claims data – a powerful resource that enables data-driven firms to segment their markets, identify targets, build sales territories, and price products. So why aren’t more people taking advantage? For one, there’s many types of codes (DRGs, CPTs, HCPCS, ICD-10s, the list goes on) and it very quickly starts to feel like an alphabet soup. It’s challenging to know where to start and how to interpret it all.

In this webinar, we’ll help sales, marketers, and other go-to-market planners understand the patient data that influences provider decisions, exploring what the data is and from where it is derived, what insights it enables, and how those insights transform into good commercial decisions, including:               

    • The codes, terms, and language combinations that capture patient journeys and make up the backbone of healthcare data

    • What’s included in medical claims and payor data

    • How to use claims to analyze patients’ records

    • How to apply patient data trends and patterns to differentiate from your competitors

About the Presenters

Casey Eastlack, Senior Data Analyst Manager

Casey Eastlack Headshot

Casey leads a Definitive team of client-facing data analysts. The team takes a consultative approach to data science that prioritizes collaboration and customer success and results in custom reports that deliver actionable and specific insights into healthcare facilities and patients. Before joining Definitive, Casey consulted with Fortune 100 clients as an analyst at MaPS/Millward Brown. She holds a Bachelor of Science (BS) from Boston College.




Ashley Berube, Data Analyst Manager


Ashley brings over six years of experience from the healthcare data and analytics field to her position as a Data Analyst Manager at Definitive Healthcare. She leads a team of client-facing data analysts to deliver on providing actionable insights in custom reports. Before joining Definitive, Ashley was a Senior Decision Support Analyst at HopeHealth. She holds an MBA from Bryant University and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) from Providence College. Ashley is the chair of WE@DHC, the Women’s Empowerment Affinity Group at Definitive Healthcare.

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