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5 Proven Tactics Every Vendor Needs to Know When Working with IDNs

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Thursday, October 17th at 2pm ET

Vendors are facing more challenges and barriers than ever before.

With meaningful access to key customers shrinking and an increase in bundling by GPOs and large manufacturers, relational strategy is becoming increasingly important. 

In our next webinar, we will examine key environmental factors in the industry and hear from healthcare thought leaders on crucial tactics for success. 

Join us for 5 Proven Tactics Every Vendor Needs to Know When Working with IDNs as our speakers, John Pritchard, President of Share Moving Media, and John Strong Chief Consulting Officer at Access Strategy Partners, Inc., dive deeper into how you can execute relational strategies when working with and selling to IDNs through GPOs. 

This webinar will cover:

  • A survey of key environmental factors in the industry landscape such as an increasing interest in value-based contracts from consumers and the shifts in provider price sensitivity
  • A deeper look at the top common mistakes suppliers make when interacting with large IDNs such as lacking a well-defined value proposition for a new technology
  • A look at the top mistakes IDNs are making such as over-reliance on their GPO to vet and contract for new technologies 
  • Five actionable tactics that you can take when interacting with IDNs to improve your relational selling strategy


About the Presenter: John I. Pritchard

President, Share Moving Media 

John is the President of Share Moving Media. Share Moving Media (SMM) is the publisher of Repertoire Magazine and The Journal of Healthcare Contracting and National Accounts Weekly.


Untitled design(4)-1About the Presenter: John Strong

Co-founder and Chief Consulting Officer, Access Strategy Partners Inc.

John is the Co-founder and Chief Consulting Officer at Access Strategy Partners and has worked with companies such as Amazon to provide strategic insight into the healthcare industry.






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