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5 Proven Tactics Every Vendor Needs to Know When Working with IDNs

Thursday, October 17th at 2pm ET

Vendors are facing more challenges and barriers than ever before.

With meaningful access to key customers shrinking and an increase in bundling by GPOs and large manufacturers, relational strategy is becoming increasingly important. 

In our next webinar, we will examine key environmental factors in the industry and hear from healthcare thought leaders on crucial tactics for success. 

Join us for 5 Proven Tactics Every Vendor Needs to Know When Working with IDNs as our speakers, John Pritchard, President of Share Moving Media, and John Strong Chief Consulting Officer at Access Strategy Partners, Inc., dive deeper into how you can execute relational strategies when working with and selling to IDNs through GPOs. 

This webinar will cover:

  • A survey of key environmental factors in the industry landscape such as an increasing interest in value-based contracts from consumers and the shifts in provider price sensitivity
  • A deeper look at the top common mistakes suppliers make when interacting with large IDNs such as lacking a well-defined value proposition for a new technology
  • A look at the top mistakes IDNs are making such as over-reliance on their GPO to vet and contract for new technologies 
  • Five actionable tactics that you can take when interacting with IDNs to improve your relational selling strategy


About the Presenter: John I. Pritchard

President, Share Moving Media 

John is the President of Share Moving Media. Share Moving Media (SMM) is the publisher of Repertoire Magazine and The Journal of Healthcare Contracting and National Accounts Weekly.


Untitled design(4)-1About the Presenter: John Strong

Co-founder and Chief Consulting Officer, Access Strategy Partners Inc.

John is the Co-founder and Chief Consulting Officer at Access Strategy Partners and has worked with companies such as Amazon to provide strategic insight into the healthcare industry.

Watch The Replay!

Get a sneak peek into the webinar! Read a preview of the transcript below:

Sarah (00:03):
Hi, everyone. Thanks for joining us today for our webinar this afternoon. Today’s topic is Five Proven Tactics Every Vendor Needs to Know When Working with an IDN. In our format today, it’ll be hosted as an interview between two thought leaders in the field with over 60 years of combined experience in the healthcare sector.

Before we get started, I just wanted to cover a couple of housekeeping items. We get this question a lot, so we are recording today’s session. So if you have to hop out early or want to send this over to a colleague, we will be sending the recording out afterwards. If you have any questions, feel free to type that into the question box on your console. And lastly, we also have a survey that we would really appreciate you taking the time to complete so we can continue to assess your experiences and really see how helpful this content is for you.

So, diving into our topic today, our presenters and interview folks will be John Pritchard and John Strong. John Pritchard is the publisher of The Journal of Healthcare Contracting and National Accounts Weekly, and is the president of the Association of National Account Executives. For over 20 years, John has been helping suppliers gain market share through GPO, IDN, and RPC contracting. You can learn more about John at his website,

John Strong spent the first half of his career in acute care hospitals, but he is probably better known for his role running premieres group purchasing program, and as the leader of Consorta for more than 10 years. Consorta and their 350 hospitals was merged into Health Trust Purchasing Group in 2009. After more than two years at the greater New York Hospital Association, John began consulting on his own. In 2018, he became one of four co-founders of Access Strategy Partners based in Boston, and he’ll explain more about that in a moment.

Super excited to have both of you guys here with us, and also for our audience to be learning more from you. So, with that, I’m going to go ahead and hand it over to you guys.

John I. Pritchard (02:18):
Thank you, Sarah. This is John Pritchard. I’m excited to be on the webinar today. I would like to welcome John Strong onto the webinar as well. We have done a lot of work in the past, and I’ve really been looking forward to this. This topic actually came from a presentation I saw John do, and I think you will be fascinated to learn how he’s come up with the five proven tactics every supplier needs to know when working with an IDN. Just so you get some context and understanding of John’s point of view, I’d like him to just start with maybe a quick overview of his organization, Access Strategy Partners.

John Strong (03:00):
Well, thanks very much, John. It’s a pleasure to be here today. Just to give you a little context about Access Strategy Partners, we’re actually a key account management and client engagement strategy firm. And what we do is enable market access by aligning portfolios of innovative medical device companies with a vetted portfolio of integrated delivery networks around the country that we’ve taken a look at. We actually review product from our clients and determine whether or not it really is new and leading edge technology. And we’ve committed to our IDN partners that we will bring them only things that we believe are really worth having a look at based on new technology, something that might be better for the patient, or something that really changes the paradigm in healthcare… .