How Pharma Firms Use Definitive Healthcare to Commercialize A New Product

The process of bringing a new drug or therapy to market poses a unique set of challenges.

A data-driven approach can fuel your team’s early stage strategy during phase III clinical trials, registration/PDUFA set, planning sales territories, and building unbranded awareness.

Hosted on October 29th , tune in to the replay to hear how data can be used to manage three common challenges during launch planning:

  • Effectively measure market share
  • Build your sales team based on market opportunity
  • Increase awareness and support unbranded conversations before commercial launch

About the Presenter:

Todd Bellemare, Vice President of Professional Services at Definitive Healthcare 

Todd Bellemare

Todd has spent his executive leadership career building healthcare provider and patient analytics.  He has grown powerful data and professional services teams at Definitive Healthcare and DRG, and has helped thousands of leading life sciences and technology companies build their commercialization strategies through a deep understanding of the healthcare facilities, physicians, and patient landscape.  With more than 20 years of experience in the hospital equipment, medical device, clinical trials, technology, and data and analytics fields, Todd brings a complete picture to his analysis and discussions    

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Todd Bellemare (00:02):
Hello everybody, my name is Todd Bellemare. I’m the vice President of the professional services team here at Definitive Healthcare. We’re going to get into a couple things today for looking at how you could use Definitive Healthcare for pharma companies to commercialize new product. But a few housekeeping things up front, one is we’re live, so all errors are mine and please laugh along with me. The console that you’re working in right now is customizable so you can sort of rise and fall and make things bigger or smaller as you see fit. There is a Q and A section within there. And so if you do have questions, go ahead and throw them in. We’ll probably be 15 to 20 minutes today, it does get on the 20 minute side. We’ll probably take those questions and we’ll get back to you with them. And then of course, once we finish up today, there’ll be two quick questions at the end for you to answer for us.

And don’t worry, like I said, this is live, but we are recording as well. So this will all be sent out to everybody once we’re done. I’m going to share my screen today, which is a little bit different than how we’ve been doing it lately. So I’m going to flash around between the product and some slides. So as we go here, when I tested this, the slides showed up above my face so you might see my hands flailing around whether my screen over my face there. So if you see that, don’t be alarmed. So let’s go over to the slide deck here and we’ll get into a few things. And as we begin here, we did just make an announcement today. We were super excited to announce that we’ve acquired a company called Monocl. So Monocl is a leading resource for real time data and insights on millions of different medical and scientific experts worldwide.

The combined offering with Definitive and Monocl will really help medical affairs and commercial teams. I had life sciences company like yours just along the entire product cycle. So from sizing markets to accelerating clinical trials to really, just developing and executing go to market plans. They share our philosophy of giving the best quality insights and analytics in an online platform. So they’re going to fit really well in with our product suite. Like I said, we’re just announcing this today, so stay tuned for more info. If you do want to check things out, just go over to definitivehc.com and you’ll be a little more info there for you. So talking about using Definitive Healthcare itself to commercialize the new product, we’re going to do a few different things today. So sort of three main talk tracks and we’ll talk about market sizing, excuse me. When you look at a particular market, what is the opportunity within the national or the regional market? So kind of analyzing things in terms of geography and volume.

We’ll talk about market share, which really kind of diving into a particular region and find out which targets have more of a slice in the pie than others. And then lastly, we’ll get kind of double click down even a little bit deeper and we’ll talk about the experts in a particular market. How do you find them? What communities would benefit from outreach? And a few other cool tweaks that you can use the product for within that sort of mindset. And so, what am I doing here? What am I using this on the backend for the work here? So one of course is the Definitive Healthcare platform. So we have an online tool that is complete with over 2 million profiles of pretty much anywhere a patient could get healthcare in the United States. So hospitals, physician groups, physicians, ACOs, all the different sort of intersection embedded within that platform… .