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Webinar: Selling effectively in healthcare by using the right data

In the current economic environment it’s become vitally important for organizations selling into healthcare to focus on the key sales and marketing activities that will drive results. In order to do that you need to know you’re working with the best healthcare commercial intelligence possible. Join us in this webinar as we show you how Definitive Healthcare can:

  1. Help your sales organization prioritize important accounts and get in contact with key decision makers
  2. Assist your marketers with the intelligence needed to create effective customer segmentation and campaign strategies
  3. Make heroes out of your sales operations team by enabling them to align internal systems with clean, efficiently deployed data

About the speakers

Kevin Dubuc
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Definitive Healthcare

Kevin Dubuc is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Definitive Healthcare. Prior to Definitive Healthcare he worked for Cardinal Health where he spent four years managing many of the largest medical supply brands in the United States.


David Sigel
Sales Director
Definitive Healthcare

David has more than 8 years of experience selling in the B2B SaaS space with the last 4 years at Definitive Healthcare.


Jake Christman
Sales Director
Definitive Healthcare

Jake has more than 11 years of experience selling in the B2B SaaS space with the last 5 years at Definitive Healthcare.


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