Updated healthcare industry trends: Selling to doctors and hospitals in a changed market

In January 2020, we presented on healthcare trends because we feel confident that the best way to sell is to understand the key challenges of your target audience. Due to COVID-19, those key challenges have shifted. 

In this updated webinar, attendees will learn about major new trends emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic and the implication of those trends on supporting providers and selling, including:
  • What the real financial impact is on hospitals by region and how to be a strategic partner in the recovery
  • Which elective surgeries will come back soonest - and which hospitals and doctors will conduct them
  • What are the best opportunities to support the surge of delayed critical procedures and preventative medicine
  • How to identify new selling opportunities as virtual care and telehealth are here to stay

jkrantzAbout the Presenter: Jason Krantz,

CEO, Definitive Healthcare

As CEO and Founder of Definitive Healthcare, the leading provider of data, intelligence, and analytics on the healthcare provider market, Jason drives a client-centric approach to business strategy and manages the day-to-day operations of the organization. Jason Krantz has built several research-based businesses focused on providing the highest quality and most timely data in information-intensive industries. Before starting Definitive Healthcare, Jason started Infinata in 1999, which provides online databases of information for the pharmaceutical industry under the brand BioPharm Insight. He is an owner and board member of several data and media businesses in the healthcare sector and an industry expert on healthcare trends and developments. Jason is a graduate of the Harvard Business School and a former McKinsey & Company consultant

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Jason Krantz (00:05):
Hi everyone. I’m Jason Krantz, CEO and founder of Definitive Healthcare. I want to welcome you to our webinar today on unexpected trends in the healthcare industry in 2020.

First and foremost, before we get started, I just want to make sure that I say, I hope everyone is being safe and healthy. It’s been a difficult environment for everybody, but I hope you’re being able to manage it with your family and friends in the best way possible.

Today is a really important webinar for us, and we’re really excited to present what we see as new trends in the marketplace. At the beginning of the year, we went through our eight most important healthcare trends that we saw in 2020. These were things like artificial intelligence and security. And all these are extremely important still, but with COVID, and with the crisis that we’re going through right now, these trends have changed and our clients have increasingly come to us to try to understand what do we need to do to start selling in the marketplace and get back to normal.

So with that said, we are excited to talk about this today. We have a very, very large crowd of over 5,000 people registered for this webinar. And I think the excitement for it and from our clients is they really need to understand the data of what is happening in the marketplace. Where are the areas that are opening up to elective surgeries more quickly? What is the impact of the lack of preventive care and the lack of management of chronic diseases? And our data can help people [inaudible 00:01:32] what are the trends and what’s happening so that they can do really three important things; they can research properly. They can figure out where do they want to spend their time. The second is they can segment properly. So, thinking about who are the best providers to target, what types of facilities, where is care changing by different areas within the healthcare ecosystem. And finally, they can work on their messaging.

So as you go out and you talk to physicians and talk to hospitals, understanding their challenges and what they’re going through and how they’re reacting to markets starting to open back up, all of that really is a key determinant in how to message your product and how you can be most helpful to your clients. So with that said, we’ll get started today.

A couple of housekeeping items before we do get started. This webinar is being recorded and you will all receive a copy of it afterwards. The second thing that I want to make sure that everyone understands is that there will be a short survey afterwards, and we’d appreciate it if everyone would be able to answer that survey. It’s really important to get a sense of what you think is most important. And we’ll share those results with you afterwards. And lastly, on your console, there’s a series of resources. These are things like links to our predictive capacity tool, as well as to our blogs about what’s happening within COVID and some of the trends that we’re going to talk about today. If you find those interesting, please bookmark them. You will lose your consult at the end of this webinar, so bookmark them so that you can go find them at a later date… .