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Exploring the indicators of a shift in care setting from hospitals to ASCs

For many years, the acute care market has been a primary focus in life sciences. Multiple factors, however, indicate a shift in care setting from hospitals to Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs), and the growth of that market may signal a need for more attention on this ancillary care channel. Explore the evidence contributing to this shift in care to ASCs in this quick hits video, where you’ll discover: 

  • Quantifiable implications of the pandemic on medical claim increases at ASCs
  • Clinical outcome comparisons of hospital inpatient and outpatient procedures to ASCs
  • Cost-savings and reimbursement differences for ASC-based procedures
  • Merger, acquisition and overall market growth activity

You’ll see how to use this data to target and segment your market, understand who to reach out to and how to contact them, and how to begin your conversation. 

Presenter Bios

Ashley Volling

Ashley Volling, Senior Product Marketing Manager

Ashley Volling is a Senior Product Marketing Manager for Medical Devices at Definitive Healthcare. With a decade of experience in marketing in the life sciences, she specializes in marketing plan development„ go-to-market strategy, and other commercial strategic initiatives. She has previously held positions at ICU Medical and Hospira, a Pfizer company.



Michelle Adams

Michelle Adams, Senior Customer Success Manager

Michelle Adams is a Principal Customer Success Manager with Definitive Healthcare. She has been with the company for three years and is focused on supporting our Medical Device customers. With over 15 years’ experience, Michelle is passionate about partnering with clients to maximize their success in this complex healthcare ecosystem.


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Michelle Adams:
Hello, and thank you for joining Definitive Healthcare’s discussion on the shift of care from hospitals to ambulatory surgery centers. My name is Michelle Adams and I’m a principal customer success manager at Definitive Healthcare. With several years of experience in the healthcare industry. I’m joined today by my colleague, Ashley Volling. Ashley is a senior product marketing manager for medical devices at Definitive Healthcare. With a decade of experience in marketing (00:00:30):  in the life sciences, she specializes in marketing, plan development, go to market strategy, and other commercial strategic initiatives. She has previously held positions at ICU medical and Hospira, and I’m excited to have her with us today to talk through the shift in care we are seeing and its impact on healthcare companies.

Ashley Volling:
Thanks, Michelle and hello everyone. You’ve made the decision to join us because you’re interested in the growing ASC market and what this means for your business. We’re going to cover some important topics, including pandemic impacts, (00:01:00):  clinical outcomes, cost savings, and merger acquisition, and growth activity. Jumping right into our first topic, we’ll be discussing the impact of the pandemic on this shift in care setting. COVID-19 had significant impacts to the world of healthcare and the way that patients receive treatments. So we’ll discuss a little bit more about that. Hospitals, IDNs and health systems are a massive market that are not going away. Many medical device and pharmaceutical companies spend a great deal of time, money (00:01:30): and resources on this market and considerably less in the alternate site or ancillary care market. If we look at the sheer volume of institutions, it makes sense. Spend time where you’ll see the most reward.

Because of the great success in the acute care facilities, these smaller care settings have started to grow right under our noses. Between 2019 and 2020, outpatient procedures and hospitals trended down by more than 15%. While this could be an indication of hospitals canceling (00:02:00): elective procedures because of the pandemic in 2020, we continue to see this trend into 2021. ASC procedure volumes were 47.1% higher in 2021 compared to 2020, signaling that even after many hospitals resumed elective procedures, that the popularity of ASCs is continuing to rise. If 47% is isn’t a drastic enough statistic, let’s look at the claims volumes. During 2020, the average number of ASC (00:02:30): claims per month was at 1.5 million. In 2021, we saw the average monthly claims volume increase to 2.2 million. We can annualize that average to 26.4 million claims each year at ASCs. While this trend may have already been occurring at a smaller incline, the pandemic may have supercharged the growth of this market and caused the increase to occur at a faster pace… .