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The big data around diagnostics

Watch “The big data around diagnostics” on demand for a discussion on the current landscape of genomics and diagnostics.

Hosted on September 29, 2021, our speakers covered the history, trends and impact of genomics and diagnostics and explained how patients will benefit as we begin the era of precision medicine. Our panelists also discussed how data and analytics can provide healthcare commercial intelligence to inform smarter commercialization decisions for diagnostics.

This 45-minute webinar is formatted as a fireside chat between Mike Sigmon and Matt Martocci, who are both Life Sciences Sales Directors at Definitive Healthcare, and Tamoor Sial, a Genomics Consultant.

For more insights and conversation on precision medicine and genetic testing, listen to Episode 5 of the Definitively Speaking podcast: “Genetic testing is having a moment, with Kamal Gogineni and Dr. Rakesh Patel from Invitae.”


About the presenters:

Mike Sigmon
Life Sciences Sales Director @Definitive Healthcare

Mike Sigmon

Mike Sigmon leads a sales team at Definitive Healthcare specializing in Life Sciences and the diagnostic space. He has been involved in analyzing healthcare data for 6 years, and has worked in the SaaS industry for 10 years. He holds a BA in Economics from the University of Kentucky



Tamoor Sial
Genomics Consultant

Tamoor Sial

Tamoor Sial is an experienced genomics sales and business development manager. Having worked with academic, biotech, and hospital settings he has seen some of the issues and difficulties people face in the genomics space. Parallel to this, he has also faced the dilemma of being an undiagnosed patient, having to go through the medical odyssey of iterative testing for inconclusive results. With a BS in Biochemistry and cell biology from UCSD, relevant professional and personal experience he is now working on a website to share his excitement and passion for multi-omics and its impact on human health.


Matt Martocci
Life Sciences Sales Director @Definitive Healthcare

Matt Martocci

Matt Martocci has over 20 years of Life Science experience specializing in Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Diagnostics and Genetics. He currently leads a sales team at Definitive Healthcare focusing on Life Sciences and the diagnostic space. He has previously held positions at GHX, Millennium Health, and Novartis.


Watch The Replay!

Get a sneak peek into the webinar! Read a preview of the transcript below:

Mike Sigmon (00:01):
All right. It’s two o’clock, so I think we can get started.

Hi everyone. My name is Mike Sigmon from the Definitive Healthcare Team. Thank you so much for joining us today for our webinar, The Big Data around Diagnostics. I’m excited to be hosting today’s discussion between Genova consultant, Tamoor Sial and Matt Martocci, a Life Science Sales Director here at Definitive. Before we get started, just a few quick housekeeping items. We are live, so what that means is we’d love to hear from you. As time permits, we’ll take a few audience questions at the end, so please, as we’re going, just enter your questions throughout today’s talk. Additionally, all registrants will also receive the recording of this session.

With that said, I did want to make some introductions, of course. Again, my name is Mike Sigmon. I lead a team here at Definitive, focused on providing insights via data to life science companies. Tamoor Sial, who we’ll be talking today, aside from a friend, is an experienced Genomic sales and business development manager. He’s worked in academic, biotech, and hospital settings, and he’s seen some of the issues and difficulties that people face in the Genomic space. Coinciding with this, he’s also faced the dilemma of being an undiagnosed patient. He’s gone through the medical odyssey and error testing, and inconclusive results resulting in a need for genetic testing. What that means is, he obviously has an empathetic understanding of the patient journey. With a BS in Biochemistry and Cell Biology from UCSD, his relevant professional and personal experience allows him to create a new platform and website that he’s working on to share his excitement and passion for [inaudible 00:01:46] and its impact on human health.

Additionally, joining us is my colleague Matt Martocci, another Director of Sales here at Definitive Healthcare, who’s team focuses on providing data insights to our life science clients. Matt has previously worked at Novartis and Millennium Health, leading teams in the testing and pharmacogenetic space. Welcome guys. I’m excited to chat with you.

Tamoor Sial (02:10):
Yeah, thanks a lot for the introduction. Definitely excited to have this conversation and see what the audience thinks and what their questions are.

Matt Martocci (02:18):
Yeah, thanks Mike. Without further ado, let’s jump into it. Tamoor, what are your current thoughts on the impact of genomics and diagnostics in the current market based on your experience?

Tamoor Sial (02:34):
As me and Mike had previously talked around the space, we saw huge changes in the genomics market. I myself am working in that field, so I’m very experienced in seeing and applying the tests and getting it done myself. We take a step back to the holistic view of how genomics is impacting diagnostics. I like to use analogies. It starts with when something’s wrong with you, you need to use diagnostic medicine to find out what’s wrong. Something’s wrong with your car, it’s rattling, you’ve got to take it to a mechanic and then the same way there’s a visual examination. There are things like x-rays, MRIs, physical checks, and genomics to me is the thing that’s like the final end all deal, at least currently in the scientific way. The analogy of the car, now when something’s wrong with the car, they just plug it in like a USB port and they can say, “Hey, this is what’s wrong in your car, this sensor went off.”…