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Celebrating a new patent!


Innovation is a core value of Definitive Healthcare. We’re constantly pushing ourselves to think differently, create something new, and figure out a new way to solve a problem – all so that we can deliver you the best healthcare commercial intelligence.

That’s why I am so excited to share the news today that our very own Ram Sharma – the brains behind our Passport Analytics Suite – recently received a U.S. patent for iterative advanced analytics processing!

Ram is a pioneering entrepreneur with decades of data analytics experience and a customer-first mindset. He spent the first part of his career building analytics and reporting within pharmaceutical companies and is now developing state-of-the-art analytics solutions to scale manual data processing for life science customers.

Wondering what’s in the patent? Well, it’s complicated (that’s a good thing!), but I’ll try to explain. The patent includes both an algorithm and a process to securely assemble, configure, and organize data from internal and external sources in a unique manner. Ram’s unique approach automates the processing of complex statistical, optimization and machine learning algorithms, which in turn allows users to run thousands of models in parallel in a cloud environment, as opposed to time-consuming code-based approaches.

The full name of the patent is “Computer network data center with reverse firewall and encryption enabled gateway for security against privacy attacks over a multiplexed communication channel.”  Want to read the patent yourself? You can check it out here or search for United States patent number US 11,316,832.

Ram’s patent is the backbone of our Passport Promotional Analytics product, which delivers healthcare commercial intelligence that helps sales and marketing teams optimize their decision-makingWith Passport Promotional Analytics, customers can:

  • Segment the market at a granular level
  • Maximize the performance of promotional tactics
  • Effectively allocate omnichannel budgets
  • Predict the next best marketing actions

As anyone who works in biopharma knows, patents are the lifeblood of innovation. And just like patents are critical to the drug development process, they’re essential to the software development world as well. We have some of the best data scientists in the world at Definitive Healthcare, and we’re constantly in awe of the amazing algorithms they cook up, and the unique ways that they clean, link, and analyze data. So be on the watch for more patent news from us coming soon!

Want to learn more about how Passport Promotional Analytics can help your organization make faster, more confident decisions and increase patent market share? Get started now.

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