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See the healthcare world in greater detail with expanded medical and prescription claims


If you wear glasses like me, you know just how perspective-shifting it is to try on a new pair for the first time. Suddenly, colors pop, and you can see tiny details with a new sense of clarity! For companies who are developing products, services, and solutions to help advance healthcare, getting access to more de-identified claims data can deliver a similar experience.  

So, in the spirit of seeing the healthcare landscape in greater detail, I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve vastly expanded our coverage of prescription and medical claims data! Accessible through the Atlas All-Payor Claims and Atlas Prescription Claims, you’ll now get an even more in-depth, granular, and holistic look at patient care across the healthcare continuum. 

Here’s a closer look at the new additions to our claims data and how they can help you sharpen your vision of the healthcare market. 

How did we make our claims data even better? 

At Definitive Healthcare, we’re constantly working to improve all aspects of our business for our customers. To that end, we’ve recently acquired new data sources that significantly add to our claims data volumes, offering more comprehensive claims coverage of patient interactions and provider activity than ever before.  

Some notable mentions include: 

  • 60% increase in prescription claims coverage 
  • Substantial increase in medical claims coverage, including nearly 20% increases in areas like rare disease, chronic conditions, and oncology 
  • Nearly doubled the size of patient overlap across datasets, giving you better insight into the patient journey

Our new data sources increase coverage for specific therapy and procedures, helping you better target those areas. Some of the areas with increased claims include: 

  • Diseases of the circulatory system 
  • Diagnostic radiology services 
  • Extracorporeal assistance and performance 

What these enhancements can help you do with data 

All these improvements can help you transform your business in three key ways: 

First, our new claims data improves referral analysis, uncovering new referral relationship patterns. With this data, you can better determine and understand the relationships between various parties, like physicians, facilities, and patients. 

Second, the data capture more U.S. lives than ever before. The result is a deeper view of the patient population, including better patient cohorts and analysis.  

Third, our claims data helps you efficiently identify payors by analyzing patient counts by national payors compared to beneficiary counts. 

How our claims data empowers you to achieve success  

In today’s industry, it’s not enough to just know what the trends are. Luckily, through enhanced market intelligence, Atlas All-Payor Claims and Atlas Prescription Claims help you adapt to market trends, strategize product development, and create better go-to-market strategies. 

By digging into and identifying trends from real-world data (RWD), you can identify meaningful individuals that impact your strategy or launch such as patients, key opinion leaders, influencers, and prospects. 

In particular, you can develop focused target populations to help create effective and impactful analyses to improve outcomes and ROI. 

For example, influencers can help you formulate an effective strategy and plan for clinical trials, while key leaders can help you connect with audiences you haven’t before. Identifying new prospects can also let you form more meaningful partnerships and better align your sales territories. 

Even more, with our claims data, you can identify your total addressable market, analyze your competitors, and predict demand for your product, solution, or therapy. 

Learn more 

We are thrilled to share our greatly expanded claims coverage in both Atlas All-Payor Claims and Atlas Prescription Claims. If you want to learn more about the features of these new products, visit our new Atlas All-Payor Claims and Atlas Prescription Claims page

Ready to “try on your new glasses” and see the healthcare space in a new way? Start a free trial today and discover how our healthcare commercial intelligence can help you take your business to the next level. 

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