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How we’re solving healthcare’s biggest problem

How we’re solving healthcare’s biggest problem

I’ve been writing for healthcare organizations for over half a decade. I’m a problem-solver at heart, and I take pride in knowing the work I do helps people live healthier, happier lives.

It’s a challenging, but rewarding, experience.

It’s challenging because, as we all know, selling and competing in the U.S. healthcare market is tough. From small surgical practices to revenue cycle management companies and even state governments, they all have unique problems that need solving.

Problems like:

  1. Understanding their local competitors and finding the opportunities to outperform them.
  2. Rebuilding trust with their customers while finding new markets to grow in.
  3. Connecting with the right experts to support new initiatives.
  4. Providing clear, accurate, relevant information to make an informed decision.

I want to focus on that last problem today, because I think it’s the root cause of healthcare organizations large and small.

The information issue

To find success in the market, healthcare providers need information. They need it to be comprehensive enough to act on and relevant to the challenges they’re facing. And they need it fast, too.

The problem is: there’s too much of it.

For decades, healthcare providers have relied on analytics and reporting tools to gain the insights they need to provide better care, make informed decisions, and accomplish their goals.


Because healthcare providers, and the organizations related to them, generate a lot of information. From electronic health records and patient feedback to clinical trial performance, insurance data, and everything else, it can be a challenge to make sense of it all and capture the value.

In fact, one study suggests that as much as 2,314 exabytes of healthcare data was generated in 2020. Just to put that into context: a single (1) exabyte is equal to 1 billion gigabytes. Your phone probably has 64 gigabytes of storage.

Trying to comprehend how much healthcare data is produced year-over-year is mindboggling.

And that presents a challenging question:

How can businesses make sense of all this information and turn it into something useful?

It’s a problem I’ve kept running into throughout my career. One that I’d been struggling to put a name to. 

Finding an answer to the question

One of the reasons I joined the Definitive Healthcare team is because, like me, they’re problem-solvers and hungry for a good challenge.

The challenge? Find a way to transform vast amounts of complex (and confusing) information into actionable, valuable insights.

Needless to say, it was right up my alley.

To do this, we had to rethink how healthcare organizations collected, interpreted, and leveraged the information they had. If the goal is to help businesses detangle the web of people, organizations, and opportunities in the healthcare ecosystem, they needed the most current and accurate information available.

Traditional reporting and legacy systems could no longer keep up. The answer was found in advanced technology and data science.

Enter: healthcare commercial intelligence

Definitive Healthcare transforms the data, analytics, and expertise healthcare organizations need into meaningful answers.

We call this healthcare commercial intelligence.

Healthcare commercial intelligence is a new category of software designed to help organizations find answers within the ever-increasing complexity of the healthcare market. It unifies billions of datasets into a single, powerful platform using data science and AI. HCI creates a clear, complete picture of the healthcare landscape, making it simpler for businesses to find the best people, organizations, and opportunities for their goals.

It’s about giving you the information edge

With our newly redesigned site, I’m excited to share with you more information about healthcare commercial intelligence and how it helps organizations navigate the complex healthcare ecosystem and reach success.

Learn more about healthcare commercial intelligence here!

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