Get more from the systems you love with Monocl API

Jan 24th, 2023

Get more from the systems you love with Monocl API

We’ve all got that one thing in our life that’s so familiar, so second nature, that we can’t quite move past it—even if there’s something bigger and better within reach. 

For me, it’s a cheap, beat-up guitar. For others, it might be an old car, a house, Windows XP… the list goes on. 

If you work in the life sciences, you might find yourself particularly attached to the data systems that your organization relies on every day. Sure, they’re not the prettiest or most efficient, but they get the job done. Mostly. 

What if you could get the best of both worlds—old and new? With Monocl API, you can keep the internal systems you know like the back of your hand, but gain enhanced functionality, reliability, and convenience to maximize the productivity of your medical affairs teams. 

The latest feature to be added to Monocl ExpertData, Monocl API brings an industry’s worth of expert data into your master data management systems via API or JSON, so your medical science liaisons can find the right expert faster, and your IT team can focus on putting out fires instead of jury-rigging data solutions. 

Monocl API builds on Monocl ExpertData’s innovative data integration platform, delivering a single source of truth for expert data to your current IT systems and applications via an API with automatic updates or a JSON file with routine updates. 

Maximize the value of your current systems

In case you haven’t already been introduced, Monocl ExpertData is a healthcare commercial intelligence product from Definitive Healthcare, a part of the Monocl Expert Suite designed to empower medical affairs teams by seamlessly integrating key data points from Monocl ExpertInsight into your workflows, CRM, and other business systems. This gives you instant access to robust profiles on nearly 13 million healthcare experts and key opinion leaders (KOLs) without the need for workarounds or training in new systems. 

What can you do with 13 million expert profiles? Just ask your medical affairs team. If they’re working strictly with in-house data, they probably spend a lot of time and effort hunting for the right expert—that’s the healthcare professional or scientific specialist with: 

  • Expertise in your therapy area or disease 
  • The professional footprint and bona fides to influence your buyers or industry peers
  • Experience in the FDA’s approval process
  • Access to the patients who fit your clinical trials

The research required to manually build expert profiles with all these details is immensely time-consuming. And even if your medical affairs team has plenty of experience tracking down the information, their real value to your organization is in identifying and engaging experts. 

Monocl ExpertData maximizes that value by letting your medical affairs team focus on their core competencies. With Monocl API, they can spend more time doing the work that really matters with even more options to work within the systems they know and love. 

But if your medical science liaisons don’t quite love their existing data system, just wait until it’s automatically populated with nearly 13 million expert profiles.

Stay up to date with reliable intelligence

The healthcare industry moves fast, and healthcare professionals’ careers move even faster. The right expert last month might not be a great fit next Tuesday. 

Monocl API ensures you have access to the most relevant and reliable intelligence, routinely updated so you’re never behind the times. You get a single, always-current view of ExpertInsight’s key data points—including AI/ML-curated affiliations, location, professional activity, and clinical trial participation data—inside your CRM, financial system, and other critical workflows. 

Plus, these data points are unified with our unique Monocl identifier, eliminating the need for manual matching or data maintenance.

ExpertInsight data is always accessible through our web portal or ExpertGO mobile app, but Monocl API delivers the same up-to-date intelligence via industry-standard JSON files (on a cadence that works for you) or through an automatically updated API feed.

Opportunities come and go quickly. Don’t let outdated intelligence be your excuse for missing the next one. 

Teach old reliable some new tricks

I’ll never get rid of the Telecaster guitar that I got for my 16th birthday, but I still replace the strings every now and then. 

If your existing industry data and systems are feeling worn out, why not reinvigorate them with some fresh healthcare commercial intelligence?

See how Monocl API makes ExpertData even more impactful, delivering the data and analytics on external experts that your medical affairs team needs to be more productive and confident and reduce your time to market. Sign up for a demo today to get started. 

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