Monocl ExpertData makes the data workflow of your dreams a reality

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By Alex Card

Teamwork, I’ve been told, makes the dream work. But when a team is forced to change the way it works, that dream can quickly become elusive.

Let’s be a little less opaque: Every team has its own internal workflows—bringing in new tools, resources, or processes can disrupt those workflows and hinder productivity, even when those new elements are intended to expand a team’s capabilities.

Medical affairs teams and medical science liaisons (MSLs), for instance, thrive on high-quality data about the medical experts with whom they interact. However, if using those data means seeking information across multiple external sources or jury-rigging IT systems, then the resulting dip in productivity could offset whatever gains that the data offers.

That’s exactly why we’re introducing Monocl ExpertData.

The newest healthcare commercial intelligence product from Definitive Healthcare, Monocl ExpertData boosts medical affairs teams’ productivity by delivering a single, continuously updated source of truth for expert data to your current IT systems and applications—no jury-rigging required.

Monocl ExpertData seamlessly integrates key data points from Monocl ExpertInsight into your existing workflows, CRM, and other business systems, so your teams can easily access an expanded dataset of nearly 13 million industry experts and key opinion leaders (KOLs) using the internal systems they work with every day.

Sound like a dream? Let’s see how this new product can improve the lives of your medical affairs teams.

Find the right expert faster with smarter, simpler analysis

In the life sciences world, the “right” expert is usually the one who understands your therapy area, has the professional credentials to make an impact in your corner of the industry, and knows their way around the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval process.

How do you find the right one? Having a deep contacts list helps, but high-quality data can open up your options immensely, giving you insights into opinion leaders worldwide. That’s why companies all over the globe have signed up for our Monocl ExpertInsight SaaS solution.

Monocl ExpertInsight delivers a complete list of recent and relevant activities tailored to your specific area of focus, so you can easily and confidently find the experts with the right experience in research, writing, speaking, clinical testing, and other key activities.

Plus, Monocl ExpertInsight simplifies analysis by automatically assigning a unique identifier to expert profiles. These identifiers reduce the need for manual matching and data maintenance, ensuring that your expert data are always accurate and reliable.

But sometimes you want to merge external data with your own internal data. We get it. That’s why we developed Monocl ExpertData as an add-on product to ExpertInsight. Simply put, with Monocl ExpertData, you can take the rich expert data in ExpertInsight and load it into your own systems.

Delivered through an industry standard .JSON file format, Moncol ExpertData integrates key data points such as affiliation, location, number of publications, and clinical trials into your CRM, financial, or any other business system. The result? You have a single, enriched, and current view of all the experts with whom you work.

Give your team a productivity boost

Your MSLs and medical affairs team may already have a workflow that works for them. But that doesn’t mean it can’t work better.

With Monocl ExpertData, your medical affairs team gains access to a deeper source of KOL intelligence without having to switch systems, learn new tools, or make new processes cooperate with existing ones. MSLs can assess experts and identify new KOLs using the internal systems they’re already familiar with, now bolstered by our robust external expert data alongside the information they’ve previously compiled.

Relying on a single source of truth, your medical affairs team can work faster and make timely decisions to engage with new or existing expert relationships more confidently.

And with Monocl ExpertData’s unique identifiers incorporated throughout your entire dataset, your IT team can spend more time addressing pressing business issues, and less time determining whether Dr. Jon Green and Dr. Jonathan Green are, in fact, the same person.

Make the most of your internal systems and data

If your expert dataset is perfect as is, you probably stopped reading a few paragraphs ago. For those of you still with me, there’s a good chance your existing data has a few gaps here and there.

Stop performing analyses that only lead to further questions and start using routinely updated healthcare commercial intelligence that your entire organization can rely on.

By using Monocl ExpertData to import our industry-leading proprietary data into your systems, teams across your organization can see immediate benefits. For example:

  • Your analytics team can perform more detailed segmentation and collaboration analyses.
  • Your CRM team can leverage deeper expert profiles with useful fields like grant awards, conference presentations, affiliations, and publication history. These wizards of master data management will love all the new information at their fingertips.
  • Medical Affairs will love the richer and more accurate expert datasets to support strategic planning, KOL identification, and territory assignments.
  • And your IT team will love the fact that all the data is accessible via a .JSON file on for a secure, easy-to-use experience—drastically cutting down data maintenance requirements.

Don’t let your dreams be dreams

Motivational speeches aren’t really our thing—but healthcare commercial intelligence most definitely is.

Data and analytics on external experts relevant to your business could help your medical affairs team do their jobs faster, more effectively, and with less uncertainty. Integrating those data into the workflows your team already embraces—now that’s motivational.

Start building the expert relationships of your dreams with Monocl ExpertData. Sign up for a demo today to see how our data works up close.

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