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New feature alert: We added Monocl Alerts!


Google has it, Netflix has it and, of course, Amazon has it – and now Monocl ExpertInsight has it, too: a handy alert feature that keeps our users up-to-date on the latest activities of their panel of experts, customers or leads. Monitoring activities, such as recent publications, clinical trials, meeting presentations and grants, or keeping track of trends in a scientific landscape of interest has just become a lot easier and more convenient.

Monocl Alerts come in two flavors

While information is good and more information – often - is better, being inundated with data quickly turns into a distraction. That’s why with Monocl Alerts we give you two options to access the information that won’t overwhelm your inbox with constant notifications. Monocl Alerts are available for all those professionals that you have added to a Project in Monocl Professional in the following ways:

  • Projects in Monocl ExpertInsight now feature a new Project Overview page which lists the most recent activities of all professionals in your project. The NEW label indicates the type of activity, e.g. publication or speaking engagement, clicking on the name expands the information and provides a high-level overview, e.g. provides the full citation for a scientific publication or details about a speaking engagement.
  • In addition, you can subscribe to biweekly email updates that summarizes these recent activities in one location for a quick and convenient overview. These email alerts can be set on a per user basis, so everybody in your team who is part of a Project can decide themselves whether they want to receive email notifications or not.

We believe all our users will benefit from this new product feature that is now fully integrated into Monocl ExpertInsight.

If you are a medical affairs professional please click here for relevant use cases that illustrate the power of Monocl Alerts.

If you market or sell biotechnology products please click here for use cases that demonstrate the value of Monocl Alerts for your work.

Four Monocl Alerts use cases for medical affairs {#medaffairs}

Stay informed of your experts’ activities

Meetings, calls or other interactions medical science liaisons have with external experts always require diligent preparation. In the current virtual-only mode optimal preparation is even more crucial: virtual meetings tend to be shorter and more to the point offering less opportunity for an MSL to catch up with the expert and their activities during the call.

Monocl ExpertInsight contains comprehensive profiles of each experts listing activities going back many years, even decades in the case of seasoned experts. While comprehensive profiles are critical, sometimes what you need is a quick overview of an expert’s most recent activities to prepare for a focused discussion during which you can share that data most relevant to the expert’s recent work.

Monocl Alerts now offer a way to quickly get that recent overview and, just as importantly, show you with one glance if the expert has no new activities to report, saving you time looking for something that isn’t there.

Plan expert engagement around the next conference

One of the features beta-testers of the new Alerts features liked the most was the ability to see which conference an expert is planning to attend. In addition to providing you with more information about the expert’s interest and activities, knowing where you can meet a specific expert – virtually or, eventually, in person – allows you to update and adjust your engagement plan for that expert. Maybe a call with the expert should be moved by a few days until after the meeting so you can discuss any insights gained from the event, maybe there is an opportunity to connect during the meeting or maybe the expert or somebody in their team is giving a talk or presenting a poster that you should attend.

Having this information available beforehand allows for prospective engagement planning rather than playing catch-up after the fact.

Closely follow emerging experts

Alerts are a valuable tool to keep up-to-date of the activities of emerging experts. This is a group of experts you want to follow closely to detect trends and developments early. Questions like “Are they publishing more/less than before?”, “Are they involved in a new clinical trial?” or “Have they given a key note address recently?” are just a few examples of information Monocl Alerts bring to your attention.

With emerging experts, keeping current is mission-critical, Monocl Alerts now offer a convenient short-cut that draws your attention to the most recent activities and helps you detect important trends, shifts or developments among the emerging experts you track.

Alerts are also a great tool to keep track of what is going on in a scientific landscape of interest. Here is an example: let’s assume your company is looking to obtain a label extension for one of its drugs. Adding relevant experts in the expanded TA to a Project in Monocl ExpertInsight allows you to monitor new activities across the entire panel of experts and gives you a starting point for further analysis of trends and developments. Questions such as: “Have any new clinical trials been initiated and if so by whom?”, “Is anybody reporting on new biomarkers or targets?”, “Is the publication volume increasing or decreasing?”, or “Is grant money flowing into that TA?” can be tracked by looking at aggregate new activities across all experts. The information will also give you a good indication of who the main thought-leaders in the new indication are.

These are just some examples of use cases our customers have shared with us. If you would like to have one of our team members walk you through Monocl ExpertInsight in general and the new Monocl Alerts specifically, please schedule some time here.

Four Monocl Alerts use cases for sales and marketing {#sales}

Stay informed of your customers’ activities

Monocl Alerts is a fast and easy way to always be up to date on your customers’ activities. A paper describing a new method they use might open the door for an up- or cross-selling opportunity. A successful grant proposal indicates that funds are now available to purchase that instrument or upgrade they have been eyeing for months, but couldn’t fit into the budget. A publication including a new co-author might identify a new lead within the network of trust of your customer.

With Monocl Alerts this information is now brought to your attention in close to real-time. This timely information gives you the opportunity to approach the customers with a targeted message and a proposed solution that fits their needs (and budget) – ideally before your competition even realizes what is going on.

Engage prospects in relevant discussions

Experience shows that people appreciate if vendors take the time and effort to keep current on their activities. As one senior marketing professional mentioned in a recent interview “I like it if vendors know something about us.”

Monocl Alerts provides you with a short-cut to the otherwise laborious act of keeping up to date on your prospects’ activities.

This knowledge gives you the opportunity to engage prospects in relevant discussions instead of sending them generic “just checking in to see whether there is anything new …” type emails. Demonstrating knowledge about and interest in their work goes a long way towards establishing trust, showing competence and convincing the prospect that you understand their needs and can be relied upon for solutions that address those needs.

Plan ahead around industry events

One of the most anticipated feature of the new Monocl Alerts is a listings of industry events and conferences a customer, prospect or lead in one of your Projects is planning to attend. This gives you the opportunity to check in with these individuals in advance, alert them to your own booth, talk, poster or other activity at the event, and provide them with custom-tailored information.

Once in-person conferences are back, it will be much easier to approach a customer/prospect to schedule a catch-up meeting during the event, plan on attending their talk or visiting their poster presentation.

While the current virtual only meetings make interaction during an event more difficult there are ways of engaging. Some of our customers have reported that virtual poster presentations offer a great opportunity to connect with customers/prospects, while learning about their latest work and proving once again your interest in their research.

As an instrumentation and reagent manufacturer you address a number of applications with your solutions. By generating Projects in Monocl ExpertInsight that contain the major thought-leaders in those fields of application and analyzing their current activities on an ongoing basis using Monocl Alerts you can detect new trends early and spot the emergence of new leading voices. You can track which methods and instruments are new, being used more or less often, potentially learn of new applications for your instruments/systems and how those leading researchers use your and your competitor’s products.

While all of this information is already available and easily accessible in Monocl ExpertInsight, the Alerts feature serves up the most recent activities in one convenient place and/or delivers them directly to your inbox.

If you are interested in learning more about Monocl Alerts or Monocl ExpertInsight in general and how you can use it to improve the efficiency of your sales and marketing efforts, you can schedule time with a member of the Monocl team here.

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