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Travel light, even with nearly 13M medical expert profiles in your pocket

Jun 30th, 2022

Travel light, even with nearly 13M medical expert profiles in your pocket

Flying into Boston last week for work, I tested a theory of mine: every electronic device in your carry-on exponentially reduces the patience of the TSA agent inspecting it.

As I smiled and nodded at the agent’s tired suggestion that I pack fewer than six devices next time, I wondered just how much work I could get done from my smartphone alone. I’m sure that I’m not the only road warrior out there—medical science liaisons (MSLs) and medical affairs professionals are constantly in transit, in search of and meeting with the key opinion leader (KOL) or expert who will make the critical difference in a drug’s development.

And now, with the launch of Monocl ExpertGO, these on-the-go MSLs and medical affairs professionals can travel way lighter than this writer and leave those laptops at home, while still enjoying access to millions of expert profiles through their Apple or Android phones.

ExpertGO gives MSLs and medical affairs teams everything they need to identify, engage and have informed conversations with nearly 13 million experts, all from a single, intuitive app.

With Monocl ExpertGO, MSLs and field medical leaders can carry all the power of Monocl ExpertInsight in their pockets, with immediate access to the latest healthcare commercial intelligence on the thought leaders who can enhance the scientific impact of their drug or device.

It’s one thing to find the right expert to support a unique product. It’s another challenge entirely to start the exchange on the right foot, fully informed about the expert’s therapeutic interests, clinical activities and associations. Read on to see how ExpertGO solves both problems in a travel-friendly format.

Access any expert, anywhere

Whether you’re OOO or just AFK, there’s no need to pause your search for key opinion leaders (KOLs) and experts who can help your product get to market faster.

As the mobile companion to ExpertInsight, Monocl ExpertGO makes it quick and easy to access the latest information on the experts who are most relevant to your therapeutic area, development timeline and organizational goals.

Once you’ve identified the right expert and arranged a meeting using the information on their profile, our app gives you everything you need to prepare for a meaningful conversation.

ExpertGO puts the latest information from your most recent expert queries front and center, ensuring a seamless transition from our desktop platform to the smartphone app. Whether you’re mid-flight, in the Uber to the meeting, or still waiting for the TSA line to move, it’s easy to catch up on an expert’s most recent comings and goings so you know which questions to ask—and which opportunities to explore.

Heading to a conference? ExpertGO is a great tool for making the most of ad hoc engagements and chance encounters. Once you know a contact’s name and organization, you can pull up their professional activities and interests as quickly as they can pull out a business card.

Engage smarter with real-time, reliable intelligence

We’ve worked hand in hand with medical affairs teams for years. Using their feedback and insights, we designed ExpertGO to meet the unique needs of MSLs across the life sciences space. It’s built on top of the recent, robust updates to Monocl ExpertInsight 2.0 and includes:

  • An upgraded roster of nearly 13 million experts
  • Live filters designed to provide the most relevant results in real time
  • New search functionalities focused on your target disease state and patient cohort
  • Dynamic mapping down to the city-level view

With ExpertGO, you can search millions of expert profiles built on millions of filterable reference points, including publication history, professional associations, clinical activity, conference presence and more.

Learn more

Together, Monocl ExpertGO and ExpertInsight provide medical affairs professionals with unmatched expert identification and engagement capabilities. Who knows—you might even consider leaving that extra laptop or tablet at home on your next trip. Your TSA agent will thank you.

Want access to our full healthcare commercial intelligence platform? Sign up for a product demo today and see how easy it can be to find your next KOL.

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