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Understand your customer's training and development needs

Healthcare moves fast. From changes in the regulatory environment to advances in standards of care, there are always new training needs for clinical staff. As an organization focused on educating employees, you know how challenging it can be to form the right partnerships with providers to help them meet all their training and development goals. With Definitive Healthcare, you’ll have access to executive contacts, organizational charts, provider specialty information and more to help you find the right customers in need of your services.

Understand your customer's training and development needs

Education services solutions

Our data products answer critical questions about healthcare organizations and their training needs:


Who makes decisions on training and workplace learning at my target facility?


Which providers have KOLs that we can leverage in our marketing efforts?


How does a facility’s affiliations profile affect its training protocols?


Can I leverage provider specialty insights to target my offerings to certain departments?


How many employees does a particular facility have and how might that affect its training needs?

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Insights from across the healthcare market

Our education services clients have found success using these products:


Browse hospital and IDN insights to easily segment the market, target the right hospitals and understand technology usage.

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See detailed and actionable insights on over 2.6 million physician, nurse and allied health professionals to identify and engage the right providers with the most effective message.

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Understand complex affiliations and partnerships with data on nearly 4,000 ACO, HIE and payor organizations.

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Search the care continuum with quality metrics on almost 100,000 nursing, assisted living, home health and hospice organizations.

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Discover your opportunity

Our data products can be used to:

View staff credentials

View staff credentials

Understand clinical teams’ education, qualifications and professional associations to determine how you can provide training value-add

Identify key decision-makers

Identify key decision-makers

Find clinical leadership responsible for CME credit management

Recruit expert speakers

Recruit expert speakers

Identify KOLs across a wide variety of therapy areas to lead trainings or speak at conferences

Make informed decisions

Our data products help you:

Partner confidently

Leverage detailed facility information to engage prospects with an understanding of their training goals and needs

Drive sales optimization

Use RFPs/CONs and demographic data at target accounts to inform your value proposition

Leverage field-specific expertise

Develop compelling employee learning and development offerings through relationships with leading experts in the fields you specialize in