Hospitals with the highest operating room costs

Operating rooms (ORs) are a critical resource for hospitals as they provide the space and equipment to perform surgeries and other intensive procedures. While ORs typically generate a significant portion of a hospital’s revenue, the OR also tends to be one of the most expensive areas of the hospital.

Here are the hospitals that spend the most money on running their operating rooms.

Top 20 hospitals with the highest total operating room costs

Rank Hospital Name City State Definitive ID Operating Room Total Costs # of Operating Rooms
1 NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center New York NY 541974 $647,727,267 37
2 Mayo Clinic Hospital - Saint Mary’s Campus Rochester MN 2191 $402,711,444 70
3 Massachusetts General Hospital Boston MA 1973 $364,760,696 70
4 Hospital for Special Surgery New York NY 2840 $342,021,443 21
5 UCSF Helen Diller Medical Center at Parnassus Heights San Francisco CA 560 $316,787,691 28
6 Lenox Hill Hospital New York NY 2847 $292,736,008 16
7 Tisch Hospital New York NY 2843 $273,562,273 18
8 Houston Methodist Hospital Houston TX 4012 $269,419,554 78
9 Stanford Hospital Stanford CA 588 $264,577,411 11
10 University Hospital Ann Arbor MI 2096 $263,021,315 27
11 Vanderbilt University Medical Center Nashville TN 3742 $225,776,639 35
12 Mount Sinai Medical Center New York NY 2837 $221,421,542 58
13 Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Los Angeles CA 430 $220,947,605 31
14 Yale New Haven Hospital New Haven CT 731 $211,753,740 21
15 AdventHealth Orlando Orlando FL 873 $210,139,152 20
16 Inova Fairfax Hospital Falls Church VA 4271 $205,904,722 39
17 UAB Hospital Birmingham AL 71 $203,208,944 22
18 Memorial Hermann - Texas Medical Center Houston TX 4018 $187,037,987 39
19 University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Houston TX 4017 $183,464,372 30
20 Baptist Medical Center Jacksonville Jacksonville FL 576749 $183,426,290 16

Fig. 1 – Data from the Definitive Healthcare HospitalView product. Operating room total cost is from the July 2022 Medicare Cost Report. Number of operating rooms is from Provider of Service file and proprietary research. Accessed August 2022.

Which hospitals spend the most on operating room costs? 

NewYork Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center spends the most on its ORs, with total operating room costs coming in at nearly $650 million. Mayo Clinic Hospital – Saint Mary’s Campus has the second highest total operating room costs with just over $402 million, and Massachusetts General is in third place with nearly $365 million.  

Overall, the 20 hospitals on this list spent nearly $5.5 billion on total operating room costs. The average total operating room costs for hospitals on the list is $274,520,305.

The wide variance in cost per operating room is not driven by any single factor.  Some drivers of operating room expense include highly specialized equipment, facility fees, types of surgery performed, and salaries for surgeons and anesthesiologists – all of which can vary greatly between state and even hospital network

Operating room expenses are one of the largest contributors to the total operating expenses for hospitals, and the average tends to be higher in the northeast, which might be why three of the top five hospitals on the list above are in New York and Massachusetts.  In fact, NewYork Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center also tops the list of hospitals with the highest total operating expenses.   

How many operating rooms do the hospitals with the highest operating room costs have? 

The average number of ORs for hospitals on the list is 20. In comparison, the average number of ORs in all active hospitals in the HospitalView product is seven.  

Interestingly, the number of ORs does not appear to correlate to higher total operating room costs. Hospitals with as many as 78 operating rooms to as few as 11 are included on the list. 

Why do hospitals spend so much money on operating rooms? 

The reasons behind why hospitals spend so much on operating rooms can vary. Some of the key expenses for operating rooms include salary costs, supplies, equipment and facility space. ORs require expensive equipment such as operating room tables, anesthesia machines, and other surgical devices that can add to the total hospital spend. Additionally, ORs need to be sanitized frequently for patient safety which can add to the expense.  

What is an operating room? 

An operating room, sometimes referred to as an OR, operating theater or surgical theater, is an area of a hospital where surgical procedures are carried out in a sterilized environment. An operating room typically contains medicines, equipment, and other supplies that surgeons and anesthesiologists need during an operation. ORs are designed with different specifications to meet the unique needs of a hospital and its patient populations. 

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