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Top 50 Billed Physician Procedures by Volume

Physicians are the backbone of any healthcare system. As the primary caregivers, they identify patient ailments and determine courses of treatment that define each episode of care. In many cases, physicians also influence supply spending by requesting preferred medical devices and supplies. The following list contains the top 25 physician procedures billed to Medicare in 2017 by total volume nationwide — including total payments — based on Definitive Healthcare data.

Routine office visits (CPT codes 99213 & 99214) are the most common and heavily reimbursed of all physician procedures, numbering nearly 195 million with total Medicare payments of over $11.4 billion in 2017, according to Definitive Healthcare. Inpatient care visits (CPT codes 99232 & 99233) followed with a total of 68.8 million cases and nearly $4.4 billion in reimbursements.

Injections also constitute a large number of physician procedures. Of the top 50 billed procedures, injections represent over 30%. Many are drugs related to cancer treatment or chronic kidney disease. Most are relatively inexpensive procedures, with the physician billing only for the act of injecting the medication.

Top Billed Physician Procedures by Volume

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 CPT/HCPCS CodeDescriptionTotal ProceduresTotal PaymentsExplore These Claims
1.99214OFFICE/OUTPATIENT VISIT EST99,626,002$6,974,311,013 Explore This Code
2.99213OFFICE/OUTPATIENT VISIT EST94,919,508$4,471,913,850 Explore This Code
3.Q9967LOCM 300-399mg/ml iodine,1ml78,668,277$7,440,311 Explore This Code
4.97110THERAPEUTIC EXERCISES54,393,670$1,140,934,353 Explore This Code
5.J1071Inj testosterone cypionate49,800,446$829,013 Explore This Code
6.J1439Inj ferric carboxymaltos 1mg49,508,115$40,598,480 Explore This Code
7.99232SUBSEQUENT HOSPITAL CARE46,106,986$2,591,914,432 Explore This Code
8.J0897Denosumab injection37,465,625$488,307,369 Explore This Code
9.J0878Daptomycin injection35,598,810$19,604,876 Explore This Code
10.J0881Darbepoetin alfa, non-esrd31,313,977$94,510,055 Explore This Code
11.J0585Injection,onabotulinumtoxinA30,584,363$139,737,460 Explore This Code
12.97140MANUAL THERAPY 1/> REGIONS26,088,213$475,667,947 Explore This Code
13.Q0138Ferumoxytol, non-esrd25,846,625$17,892,278 Explore This Code
14.36415ROUTINE VENIPUNCTURE25,335,944$74,048,233 Explore This Code
15.J0717Certolizumab Pegol Inj 1mg22,635,572$131,430,258 Explore This Code
16.99233SUBSEQUENT HOSPITAL CARE22,326,900$1,830,239,473 Explore This Code
17.Q5101Inj filgrastim gcsf biosimil20,820,121$12,050,132 Explore This Code
18.93010ELECTROCARDIOGRAM REPORT18,964,299$124,387,384 Explore This Code
19.J1100Dexamethasone sodium phos18,761,250$1,628,913 Explore This Code
20.J3262Tocilizumab injection18,724,105$61,936,152 Explore This Code
21.17003Destruct premalg les 2-1418,065,304$71,592,654 Explore This Code
22.J1442Inj filgrastim excl biosimil17,806,541$13,913,848 Explore This Code
23.J1453Fosaprepitant injection16,141,612$24,192,982 Explore This Code
24.71010Chest x-ray 1 view frontal15,930,630$112,355,963 Explore This Code
25.88305TISSUE EXAM BY PATHOLOGIST14,184,470$506,548,211 Explore This Code
26.J9267Paclitaxel injection13,451,978$70,876,138 Explore This Code
27.J0885Epoetin alfa, non-esrd13,162,159$374,283,353 Explore This Code
28.98941CHIROPRACT MANJ 3-4 REGIONS12,623,458$675,838,481 Explore This Code
29.J3301Triamcinolone acet inj NOS12,600,397$124,731,510 Explore This Code
30.J1756Iron sucrose injection12,298,539$19,443,903 Explore This Code
31.92014EYE EXAM&TX ESTAB PT 1/>VST11,970,872$2,165,013,133 Explore This Code
32.97530THERAPEUTIC ACTIVITIES11,900,819$705,828,229 Explore This Code
33.97112NEUROMUSCULAR REEDUCATION11,871,569$704,237,429 Explore This Code
34.A9585Gadobutrol injection11,862,402$33,402,389 Explore This Code
35.99285EMERGENCY DEPT VISIT11,470,444$12,197,902,558 Explore This Code
36.99212OFFICE/OUTPATIENT VISIT EST11,466,146$949,753,114 Explore This Code
37.71020Chest x-ray 2vw frontal&latl11,385,276$617,060,681 Explore This Code
38.93000ELECTROCARDIOGRAM COMPLETE11,189,097$715,809,261 Explore This Code
39.85025COMPLETE CBC W/AUTO DIFF WBC11,133,462$354,593,187 Explore This Code
40.J9299Injection, nivolumab10,802,842$653,575,924 Explore This Code
41.99308NURSING FAC CARE SUBSEQ10,269,428$1,292,414,484 Explore This Code
42.99223INITIAL HOSPITAL CARE10,219,906$4,630,105,013 Explore This Code
43.99203OFFICE/OUTPATIENT VISIT NEW10,193,122$2,156,663,225 Explore This Code
44.95004PERCUT ALLERGY SKIN TESTS9,506,647$115,560,910 Explore This Code
45.99204OFFICE/OUTPATIENT VISIT NEW9,190,963$2,972,508,881 Explore This Code
46.99215OFFICE/OUTPATIENT VISIT EST9,040,347$2,567,729,800 Explore This Code
47.A9575Inj gadoterate meglumi 0.1ml8,732,252$12,460,335 Explore This Code
48.99309NURSING FAC CARE SUBSEQ8,672,301$1,472,795,237 Explore This Code
49.J0641Inj., levoleucovorin, 0.5 mg8,621,211$36,456,919 Explore This Code
50.96372THER/PROPH/DIAG INJ SC/IM8,333,190$408,238,599 Explore This Code


Fig 1. Medicare data is from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Provider Utilization and Payment Data: Physician and Other Supplier Public Use File (PUF). Calendar Year data is projected to be released each July by the CMS. The most recent data is from calendar year 2017; 2018 data is scheduled to be released in July 2020.

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