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Top 50 ACOs by Gross Savings

The following table lists the top 50 ACOs in the U.S. according to Gross Generated Savings/Losses. This list also includes information on Patient Population and Earned Shared Savings Payment/Losses.

The Gross Savings/Losses amount is determined by calculating total benchmark expenditures minus total aligned beneficiary expenditures. This metric shows the total savings or losses (first to last dollar) dollar amount and represents total savings/loss generation to be split between the ACO and CMS.

The Earned Shared Savings Payments/Owe Losses figure indicates the ACO’s shares of savings or losses (positive value indicates amount to be paid by CMS to the ACO, negative value indicates amounts to paid by ACO to CMS). This amount accounts for several factors: the nature of the ACO’s risk arrangement (80% or 100% risk, plus the ACO’s elected savings/losses cap percentage, between 5-15%) and the reduction of shared savings payments by 2% due to sequestration.

The two ACOs with the highest gross savings on our list, Palm Beach Accountable Care Organization and AMITA Health Accountable Care Organization, lead the remainder of the top 50 by a significant margin. With a Gross Generated Savings of over $63 and $59 million, respectively, there is a decrease by nearly 31% from Palm Beach ACO to the third ACO, Scottsdale Health Partners. On average, the top 50 ACOs by Gross Savings had a patient population of nearly 33,000, a gross savings of  over $20.5 million, and an earned shared savings of $9.7 million.

Top 50 ACOs by Gross Savings

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 ACO NameStateDefinitive IDPatient PopulationEarned Shared Savings Payments/Losses(Gross) Generated Savings/LossesExplore This Dataset
1.Palm Beach Accountable Care OrganizationFL55215767,521$28,529,398 $63,152,570 Explore This Profile
2.AMITA Health Accountable Care Organization IL57466134,645$27,325,327 $59,831,817 Explore This Profile
3.Scottsdale Health PartnersAZ58324825,767$19,509,367 $46,227,071 Explore This Profile
4.USMM Accountable Care PartnersMI80081320,656$20,750,377 $45,998,405 Explore This Profile
5.Physician Organization of Michigan ACOMI574729113,854$20,715,184 $45,456,554 Explore This Profile
6.Hackensack Alliance ACO NJ55211635,513$18,157,748 $43,647,091 Explore This Profile
7.Millennium Accountable Care OrganizationFL80227441,837$29,731,563 $42,355,289 Explore This Profile
8.Privia Quality Network LLCVA583229103,771$18,079,932 $38,844,458 Explore This Profile
9.Balance ACONY5521975,742$12,842,326 $38,333,745 Explore This Profile
10.Southwestern Health Resources Accountable Care NetworkTX58328787,479$17,464,034 $37,268,130 Explore This Profile
11.Memorial Hermann Accountable Care OrganizationTX55221951,199$14,499,448 $32,141,656 Explore This Profile
12.Health Connect PartnersWA583280112,692$10,747,306 $23,824,095 Explore This Profile
13.UMASS Memorial Accountable Care OrganizationMA80081251,321$9,105,746 $22,620,456 Explore This Profile
14.Beaumont ACOMI55218513,412$9,774,973 $22,452,506 Explore This Profile
15.Duke Connected CareNC58326252,657$9,483,194 $21,130,325 Explore This Profile
16.ProHealth PhysiciansCT57473629,292$8,618,964 $18,944,640 Explore This Profile
17.NewYork Quality CareNY80076638,033$7,130,415 $17,841,991 Explore This Profile
18.Wellstar Health NetworkGA55215949,272$7,851,903 $17,405,708 Explore This Profile
19.Trinity Health Integrated CareMI90405654,281$12,406,622 $16,879,758 Explore This Profile
20.MyHealth First NetworkSC80074858,472$7,863,011 $16,384,900 Explore This Profile
21.LifeBridge Health ACOMD80073120,327$6,814,968 $15,739,112 Explore This Profile
22.Federation ACOMI90396074,846$7,664,465 $15,641,766 Explore This Profile
23.Methodist Patient Centered ACOTX55222014,897$6,747,649 $14,899,840 Explore This Profile
24.Silver State ACONV58325124,983$6,496,559 $14,692,006 Explore This Profile
25.Physicians ACO (PACO)FL8290256,324$6,455,592 $14,310,436 Explore This Profile
26.RGV ACO Health ProvidersTX55212410,110$9,427,971 $13,485,146 Explore This Profile
27.Prime Accountable CareMI8469259,724$5,551,931 $13,148,688 Explore This Profile
28.Physician Health Partners ACOCO55209025,345$5,419,299 $13,051,217 Explore This Profile
29.West Florida ACOFL55212516,527$8,775,428 $12,968,622 Explore This Profile
30.BJC Accountable Care OrganizationMO55218940,080$8,988,067 $12,479,493 Explore This Profile
31.BayCare Physician Partners ACOFL80068546,742$5,487,565 $12,164,562 Explore This Profile
32.Westmed Medical GroupNY55220313,473$5,384,460 $12,159,570 Explore This Profile
33.Texas Panhandle Clinical Partners ACOTX90405310,008$5,863,208 $11,965,732 Explore This Profile
34.Citrus ACO FL84687110,011$5,562,138 $11,860,953 Explore This Profile
35.Lahey Clinical Performance Ac­countable Care OrganizationMA57470940,876$4,634,028 $11,542,568 Explore This Profile
36.Ochsner Accountable Care Net­workLA57472440,633$4,984,301 $11,536,235 Explore This Profile
37.Primary PartnerCare Associates IPANY58322819,427$4,979,555 $11,423,119 Explore This Profile
38.Paradigm ACOFL82902410,176$5,113,346 $11,258,174 Explore This Profile
39.USMD - Medical Clinic of North Texas TX58318118,584$4,919,021 $10,904,241 Explore This Profile
40.Richmond Quality ACONY8008037,513$4,871,913 $10,883,888 Explore This Profile
41.Next ACO of Nature Coast FL8469185,694$4,653,908 $10,316,552 Explore This Profile
42.Accountable Care Options LLCFL55215011,486$7,405,670 $10,190,676 Explore This Profile
43.Florida Medical Clinic ACOFL55214816,340$4,615,423 $10,144,785 Explore This Profile
44.MHN Partners ACOIA90399216,054$4,955,023 $10,112,291 Explore This Profile
45.Privia Quality Network of GeorgiaGA90403417,503$4,954,482 $10,111,187 Explore This Profile
46.American Health Network of Ohio Care OrganizationIN57469028,827$4,592,598 $10,012,207 Explore This Profile
47.Rio Grande Valley Health AllianceTX5747386,133$6,844,479 $9,885,103 Explore This Profile
48.Aledade Mississippi ACOMD84685018,746$4,549,453 $9,821,724 Explore This Profile
49.American Health AllianceFL5746647,816$4,568,348 $9,816,788 Explore This Profile
50.Accountable Care Medical Group of Florida Inc FL5831927,842$4,561,189 $9,507,200 Explore This Profile


Fig 1. Data from Definitive Healthcare sourced from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) - Shared Savings Program (SSP) Ac­countable Care Organizations (ACO) PUF.

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