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Top 20 ACOs in Texas

The Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) allows providers, hospitals, and others involved in patient care to create an accountable care organization (ACO) that can earn back a portion of the total amount of savings they generate by coordinating care for Medicare beneficiaries.  An ACO takes on all accountability for the cost, quality, and experience of care for an assigned Medicare fee-for-service (FFS) beneficiary population.

Using data from the Definitive Healthcare ConnectedCareView product, this list ranks the top ACOs headquartered in Texas by their gross generated savings.

Top ACOs in Texas ranked by gross savings

Rank  Definitive ID  ACO name  City  ACO start date  Patient population  Earned shared savings payments(Gross) generated savingsExplore dataset
1800687Baylor Quality Health Care Alliance LLCDallas2015 Q1129,866$47,128,684 $96,365,360 Explore
2846874CHRISTUS Health Quality Care AllianceIrving2016 Q163,512$12,218,627 $31,534,424 Explore
3552219Memorial Hermann Accountable Care OrganizationHouston2012 Q343,213$11,491,733 $29,560,729 Explore
41010058WellMed Texas Medicare ACO LLCSan Antonio2020 Q127,330$14,475,006 $28,950,011 Explore
5903971Houston Methodist Coordinated CareHouston2017 Q132,677$19,439,369 $26,247,250 Explore
6583250Seton Accountable Care OrganizationAustin2014 Q123,810$8,818,385 $18,207,131 Explore
7800699Baylor St Luke's Health Network ACOHouston2015 Q116,405$8,512,151 $17,574,859 Explore
8904029Premier Care CommunityCarrollton2017 Q114,651$5,793,826 $14,927,731 Explore
9552124RGV ACO Health ProvidersDonna2012 Q210,354$9,456,735 $12,728,308 Explore
10963486Privia Quality Network Gulf Coast II LLCHouston2018 Q112,075$5,091,075 $10,426,523 Explore
11903993Mid-Atlantic Collaborative Care LLCHouston2017 Q19,744$4,084,642 $10,211,605 Explore
12904032Prime Care ManagersLongview2017 Q116,236$3,997,055 $9,992,637 Explore
13583224Premier Patient HealthcareCarrollton2014 Q111,020$4,298,247 $8,831,068 Explore
14963628Genesis Physicians GroupDallas2018 Q16,502$4,182,206 $8,634,912 Explore
151010055WellMed DFW Medicare ACO LLCSan Antonio2020 Q18,136$3,425,562 $8,563,904 Explore
16552220Methodist Patient Centered ACODallas2012 Q312,801$6,006,309 $8,213,756 Explore
17552122Premier ACO Physicians NetworkDallas2012 Q26,730$2,607,236 $6,728,881 Explore
181010057WellMed Tampa/Orlando Medicare ACO LLCSan Antonio2020 Q17,988$2,250,803 $5,627,007 Explore
19583259Covenant ACOLubbock2014 Q115,207$2,467,947 $5,095,517 Explore
20583258St Joseph Regional Health Partners ACOBryan2014 Q17,626$1,613,185 $4,163,386 Explore

Fig 1. Data from the Definitive Healthcare ConnectedCareView p product. ACO data is sourced from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and proprietary research. Data accessed September 2022.

Which ACO in Texas has the highest savings?

Baylor Quality Health Care Alliance in Dallas has the highest gross savings among Texas ACOs at more than $96 million. This MSSP is also the top ACO in the nation by gross saving. Its total gross savings is three times more than the next MSSP ACO on the Texas list, CHRISTUS Health Quality Care Alliance, with $31 million in savings.

The top 20 ACOs in Texas on this list had an average gross savings of $18 million. The ACOs have an average patient population of about 24,000 for a savings of about $760 per patient. That is nearly twice the average gross savings nationally of $390 per patient in 2020.

What are ACO gross savings?

ACO gross savings (or losses) is a calculation total benchmark expenditures minus total aligned beneficiary expenditures. It shows the total amount saved or lost by the organization and represents the total savings (or losses) to be split between the ACO and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS).

What are ACO shared savings?

ACO shared savings (or losses) is the ACO’s portion of the gross savings generated that is split with CMS.

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