Top 20 health organizations with the most medical and surgical supply RFPs

In the healthcare industry, facilities looking to complete specific projects will often solicit goods and services from multiple vendors. However, the search for the right vendor can be time-consuming and fraught with trial and error. To mitigate any potential risk, organizations use a request for proposal (RFP) document to evaluate the capabilities of suppliers and vendors, including which vendor offers the best price.

Because hospitals and health systems have a variety of needs and provide several different services, RFPs may be drafted for projects ranging from construction of new wings or a healthcare IT system to new laboratories or a revamped cafeteria.

In the case of a medical & surgical supply RFP, the healthcare organization is looking to purchase products that will be used in the day-to-day patient care operations of the facility or health system that they manage. These supplies could be something as simple as a roll of gauze to something more complex such as a custom surgical kit.

Below, we used HospitalView to list the healthcare organizations with the most medical and surgical supply RFPs opened in 2022 to-date.

Top healthcare organizations by number of medical and surgical supply RFPs in 2022

Rank Healthcare Organization  # of RFPs  State
1 Department of Veterans Affairs (AKA Veterans Health Administration) 171 DC
2 SUNY Upstate Medical University 69 NY
3 Michael E DeBakey VA Medical Center 62 TX
4 Indian Health Service 55 MD
5 Stony Brook University Hospital 51 NY
6 Jennifer Moreno Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center (FKA San Diego VA Medical Center) 43 CA
7 VA Desert Pacific Healthcare Network (VISN 22) 41 CA
8 Navajo Area Indian Health Service 40 AZ
9 National Institutes of Health Clinical Center 36 MD
10 Lebanon VA Medical Center 32 PA
11 Los Angeles County 31 CA
12 West Los Angeles VA Medical Center 31 CA
13 Raymond G Murphy Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center 30 NM
14 National Institutes of Health 29 MD
15 Malcom Randall Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center 27 FL
16 Palo Alto VA Medical Center 27 CA
17 Dwight D Eisenhower VA Medical Center 25 KS
18 VA Healthcare - VISN 4 (FKA VA Stars & Stripes Healthcare Network) 25 PA
19 Edward Hines Jr VA Hospital 23 IL
20 Hampton VA Medical Center 23 VA

Fig. 1 - Data is from the Definitive Healthcare HospitalView product. Data accurate as of October 5th, 2022.

Which healthcare organization had the most medical and surgical supply RFPs?

The Department of Veterans Affairs opened up the most medical and surgical supply RFPs in 2022, with 171 RFPs as of September 30, 2022. The Department of Veterans Affairs, also known as the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) is a governmental organization that operates a nationwide system of hospitals, clinics, and other facilities to support former military personnel. The VA is required by law to pursue full and open competition during the procurement of any product or service, which is the primary reason why they opened so many more RFPs than the second ranked organization, SUNY Upstate Medical University. At the VHA, some RFPs are sponsored at the national level, but many are handled at the individual facility level.

Certain hospitals and health systems continue to run their own RFPs, but in recent years many healthcare organizations have aligned themselves with a group purchasing organization (GPO). A GPO will manage the RFP process for many products and services for multiple healthcare organizations, thus ensuring that the participating organizations receive competitive pricing and volume purchasing benefits.

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