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Top 25 Physician Groups by Medicare Payments

Physician groups are becoming a focus of healthcare industry leaders as hospitals continue to compete with outpatient care facilities like retail clinics and surgery centers. Unlike traditional inpatient hospitals, physician groups occupy a unique place in the care continuum. Physician group practices are generally smaller than hospitals with fewer staff members, giving them greater flexibility in areas such as operating hours, service offerings, charity care spending, and more.

However, their small size can also be a detriment. Smaller practices are not able to offer the amount of services a hospital can, leading to lower revenue. Lower budgets mean fewer employed physicians, which can lead to understaffing. Lack of revenue can also lead to issues implementing new technologies, including electronic health record (EHR) systems. For these and other reasons, hospitals and health systems are increasingly willing to purchase or partner with local physician groups. These relationships ensure that patient referrals remain in-network, which can stem revenue loss.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the top 25 physician groups with the greatest Medicare payments. There seems to be no correlation between practice size and payment amount, with three of the top 10 physician groups reporting fewer than 1,000 employed physicians. The average number of employed physicians for all 25 group practices is 1,780 physicians, with the lowest reported as 267, and the highest as 4,031. As far as specialties, internal medicine is by far the most common among the practices on this list, with 14 of the 25 reporting it as the primary specialty.

Top 25 Physician Groups by Medicare Payments

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 Physician Group NameMedicare PaymentsSpecialtyNumber of PhysiciansExplore This Dataset
1.Florida Cancer Specialists and Research Institute$594,459,633 Oncology267Explore This Profile
2.Texas Oncology$488,220,726 Oncology 552Explore This Profile
3.Arizona State Physicians Association$444,078,168 Pediatrics1,324Explore This Profile
4.Meridian Health Partners$407,343,923 Internal Medicine1,847Explore This Profile
5.Northwell Health Physician Partners$394,118,598 Internal Medicine3,410Explore This Profile
6.Franciscan Physician Network$382,318,091 Family Practice2,436Explore This Profile
7.HealthCare Partners IPA$256,935,336 Internal Medicine4,031Explore This Profile
8.Cleveland Clinic$243,397,461 Internal Medicine3,795Explore This Profile
9.NYC University Physicians Network$221,062,168 Internal Medicine2,714Explore This Profile
10.North Texas Specialty Physicians$219,197,104 Family Practice891Explore This Profile
11.IPA of Nassau/Suffolk Counties$217,169,529 Anesthesiology643Explore This Profile
12.Palo Alto Medical Foundation$213,080,035 Internal Medicine2,400Explore This Profile
13.21st Century Oncology$212,655,469 Radiology - Radiation Oncology334Explore This Profile
14.Bayfront Health Medical Group$208,157,539 Radiology - Diagnostic Radiology610Explore This Profile
15.The Emory Clinic$192,031,499 Internal Medicine2,432Explore This Profile
16.Broward Health Physician Group$191,746,816 Internal Medicine1,455Explore This Profile
17.OSF Medical Group$183,830,864 Family Practice1,099Explore This Profile
18.Regional Cancer Care Associates$175,196,531 Oncology 147Explore This Profile
19.Health First Medical Group$173,467,571 Internal Medicine842Explore This Profile
20.Vidant Medical Group$171,972,766 Internal Medicine1,324Explore This Profile
21.Sutter Medical Foundation$171,252,786 Family Practice1,518Explore This Profile
22.Mayo Clinic Health System - Rochester$169,470,249 Internal Medicine3,475Explore This Profile
23.Apogee Physicians$167,527,549 Internal Medicine1,862Explore This Profile
24.University of Penn Medical Group$166,180,197 Internal Medicine2,396Explore This Profile
25.Johns Hopkins University Health System$165,123,676 Internal Medicine2,709Explore This Profile


Fig 1. Data from Definitive Healthcare based on self-reporting and reports from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

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