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Top 10 skilled nursing facilities by housekeeping salary expenses

Skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) are inpatient rehabilitative and medical treatment centers. Patients are generally admitted to an SNF following surgery or treatment for an injury or acute illness if supervision by nurses and therapists is needed.

Older adults and people living with disabilities or chronic conditions may also be admitted to a skilled nursing facility if they are unable to perform certain activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, and getting into or out of a bed.

Definitive Healthcare tracks more than 20,000 skilled nursing facilities across the U.S. In the list below, we used LongTermCareView to rank the top 10 SNF corporations with the highest housekeeping salary expenses. This metric describes the amount of money a facility spends on housekeeping employees’ salaries. A higher number could indicate that a facility operates in a high-wage area, employs more housekeepers than other SNFs, or employs more highly trained or specialized employees (or all three!).

Insights into how much an SNF spends on housekeeper salaries can be useful for staffing and recruiting agencies, facility management services providers, cleaning products suppliers, and other organizations as they develop growth plans and make strategic decisions.

Skilled nursing facility corporations with the highest housekeeping salary expenses

Skilled nursing facilityStateDefinitive ID# of staffed bedsHousekeeping salariesTotal salariesTotal operating expensesExplore dataset
LCS (AKA Life Care Services)IA58198710,973$53,807,453 $657,215,562 $1,876,744,567 Explore
Life Care Centers of AmericaTN58206625,874$43,908,795 $1,037,127,631 $2,058,763,534 Explore
The Ensign GroupCA58197524,742$42,820,149 $1,156,382,219 $2,211,300,820 Explore
Genesis HealthCarePA58219424,321$42,246,751 $816,013,469 $2,434,133,662 Explore
ProMedica Senior Care (FKA HCR ManorCare)OH58204321,421$32,671,999 $840,904,460 $2,081,978,718 Explore
Pruitt HealthGA58220710,109$29,882,339 $341,173,849 $881,270,637 Explore
Trilogy Health Services LLCKY58214512,713$28,426,769 $412,006,818 $977,827,007 Explore
Centers Health CareNY5824288,092$27,602,156 $329,240,546 $1,050,304,740 Explore
Consulate Health CareFL58219514,399$23,271,077 $411,256,510 $1,232,425,121 Explore
Providence Administrative Consulting Services - PACS (AKA Providence Group)UT84984310,413$23,076,719 $502,508,638 $1,175,210,850 Explore

Fig 1. Data is from Definitive Healthcare’s LongTermCareView product. Data is accurate as of August 2022.

Life Care Services (LCS), located in Iowa, has the highest housekeeping salary expense at $53,807,453. This may be because it is a large health network with 81 member SNFs, the majority of which are clustered in high-population states such as California, New York, Florida, and Pennsylvania. These four states also have a higher cost of living than most other states in the country, which may contribute to LCS having a higher housekeeping salary expense.

In second is Life Care Centers of America in Tennessee with $43,908,795. The Ensign Group ranks third with a housekeeping salary expense of $42,820,149.

It’s likely that network size isn’t a strong indicator of housekeeping salary expense. Life Care Centers of America and The Ensign Group both operate larger networks than LCS, with 208 and 231 member SNFs respectively. In fact, LCS is only the sixth largest network on our list. This may mean that the number of staffed beds is a stronger indicator of a skilled nursing facility’s housekeeping salary expenses.

The average housekeeping salary expense calculated from the top 10 skilled nursing facilities is about $34,668,780. When accounting for all facilities Definitive Healthcare tracks, the average skilled nursing facility spends $404,558 on salaries for all of its employed housekeepers.

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