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Opportunity is out there—discover it with the Atlas Dataset

Feb 6th, 2023


How do you find your way around the healthcare landscape? (No, I don’t mean using your maps app to get to the doctor’s office.) 

If you’re doing business in the healthcare space, you know that seeking out new opportunities isn’t so easy. You can’t use a map to find the organizations, facilities, and people who need what you’re selling. And if you’re looking for business developments like consolidation or mergers and acquisitions, you’re going to need to dig even deeper.

To precisely target the prospects best suited to your solution, what you really need is data. In general, the more data you have, the more context you get, and the easier it becomes to find who or what you’re looking for. 

But not all data is good data. The healthcare landscape changes constantly, and commercial intelligence on the market sours almost as quickly as milk. You need current data to find current opportunities, and furthermore, you need different kinds of data to assess those opportunities from different angles. 

Even better, of course, would be data vetted for its usefulness by an independent research group.

A top-ranked, real-time, multi-dimensional picture of the healthcare landscape… if that’s starting to sound like the maps app of your dreams, allow me to reintroduce you to reality. 

The Atlas Dataset from Definitive Healthcare is the foundation of our healthcare commercial intelligence, comprising multiple datasets to give you a longitudinal, comprehensive, and current picture of the healthcare market. To be specific, that includes more than 15 million healthcare professionals and 301,000 organizations. 

Need to determine where to expand your service lines to reach more patients? Atlas’s All-Payor Claims and Prescription Claims datasets have you covered. Want to see which providers are financially prepared to buy your services? We have the top-ranked reference and affiliations data to narrow your selection. Looking for an industry leader to advocate for your solution? Atlas gives you profiles on more than 13 million experts.

So what else can you find with the Atlas Dataset? Plenty.

Find your next big break

If only competing in healthcare was as easy as saying, “Ok, Google/Siri—drive me to commercial success.” 

We’re not quite there yet but navigating with the Atlas Dataset is as close as it comes. 

In this industry, success means understanding how each part of the landscape fits together. Your most lucrative business opportunities are defined by the relationships between organizations, facilities, and people, including care professionals, patients, and decision-makers. To really get how these relationships work, you’ll need to see them from a variety of perspectives.

The Atlas Dataset combines four comprehensive, up-to-date datasets, giving you a multi-dimensional view that far exceeds the scope of its individual parts:

The Atlas Reference & Affiliation Dataset shows you how providers work together through more than 30 unique reference categories like executive contact information, physical addresses, and organizational hierarchy. Top-ranked among life science and healthcare provider organizations according to independent research from a leading research organization, this dataset lets you see where your ideal patients are seeking and receiving care, identify providers investing in care optimization based on technology installations, and measure physicians’ industry influence to find the right one to move the needle in your favor.

The Atlas All-Payor Claims Dataset delivers billions of de-identified patient-level data that enables longitudinal analysis of healthcare activity, across payors and sites of care, so you can map patient journeys, dig into claims rejections, or segment territories by providers’ diagnosis, procedure, and prescribing activity. 

Similarly, the Atlas Prescription Claims Dataset provides billions of lifecycle pharmacy and direct prescription claims to help you understand rejections (and the reasons behind them) and reversals. Together, both datasets allow you to tap into the full claims universe to truly understand the healthcare market as an interconnected, living landscape.

The Atlas Expert Dataset gives you the low-down on more than 15 million key opinion leaders, medical and scientific researchers, and healthcare providers—including millions of data points from publications, clinical trials, meeting presentations, social media, and other professional activities. Find the right person for the job, fast, whether the job is leading a clinical trial, advocating for your product, or educating other providers on your cutting-edge therapy. 

If the big break you’re looking for is out there, the Atlas Dataset will help you find it faster—even as it moves and evolves along with the landscape. 

Don’t get caught flat-footed

A map from last year will still show you how to get from Boston to Cincinnati. But a dataset from last year won’t tell you which providers need your solution today. 

The Atlas Dataset is updated regularly with real-world data from thousands of public, private, and proprietary sources including first-party research, disparate public information, government and regulatory agencies, and third-party data, so you’ll never be caught flat-footed by a shifting market. 

Even still, up-to-date data isn’t necessarily the highest-quality data. When you’re dealing with millions of dollars and products that can improve millions of lives, you want to be confident that every decision is backed by the most accurate, most relevant healthcare commercial intelligence.

With the Atlas Dataset, you can breathe easy. All our data is collected and curated with proprietary research methods and data science, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. This delivers clean, reliable, and neatly structured data without the gaps and discrepancies that can kill your confidence in an instant. 

Our unique combination of human expertise and sheer computing power goes further than ensuring accuracy; it gives you insights into complex industry relationships, factors influencing purchasing decisions, physician behavior, and other elements of the landscape that would be impossible to track manually. 

Plus, each of the billions of data points in the Atlas Dataset is united by the Definitive ID, a unique identifier assigned to every healthcare professional and organization to help you seamlessly navigate the healthcare landscape with a single source of truth. As new data becomes available, the Definitive ID ensures it can be quickly integrated into the Atlas Dataset—and easily accessed by you and your team. 

Open your guide to commercial success

Speaking of which, there are a variety of ways to access Atlas Dataset within your optimal workflow. The Definitive Healthcare View and Monocl Expert SaaS product suites offer access through your web browser or ExpertGO mobile app. The same data can also be pulled into our Passport or Latitude Analytics Suites

If you’d rather work with in-house tools, you can also leverage the dataset through custom reports or data feeds into your internal business systems. 

Want to see how it all works? You can’t ask your smartphone to lead you to commercial success, but you could ask it to take you to Definitive Healthcare’s free trial page and try out the Atlas Dataset firsthand.

I’ll make it even easier: Just click the link above and get started today. 

Maybe you didn’t need that maps app after all. 

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