Unlock new intelligence with the expanded Atlas All-Payor Claims Dataset

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How do you know which providers you should target to increase your market share? Can you pinpoint the geographic markets that are the most critical to your business? Do you have a clear picture of patient movement across the care continuum?

In today’s evolving healthcare landscape, you need every market insight available to make better and more informed decisions across a range of functions, from market intelligence to managed markets to sales operations.

That’s why we’ve expanded our Atlas Dataset, increasing the volume of our all-payor medical claims data by more than 5%. Now, our Atlas All-Payor Claims Dataset offers more comprehensive claims coverage of patient interactions and provider activity than ever before, so you can get answers to your most critical questions.

With the expanded Atlas All-Payor Claims Dataset, you gain valuable insights into current diagnosis trends, procedure utilization, and prescribing patterns across payors and sites of care through billions of de-identified patient-level data.

Here’s a closer look at the expansion of our Atlas Dataset and how it can help you target the best opportunities for your treatment, product, or service.

Sharpen your view of the healthcare landscape

Get an even more in-depth, granular, and holistic look at patient care across the healthcare continuum. Here’s what’s new:

  • Millions of new claims data across commercial, Medicare, Medicaid, federal programs, and other payors, boosting our overall medical claims volumes by more than 5%.
  • 40% more claims from Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) and 10% more claims from rural health clinics and ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs).
  • Expansion across numerous places of service, with the largest percentage increase in claims from non-residential addiction treatment facilities.
  • Increased coverage for hundreds of therapy and procedure areas, including a 10% increase in digestive disease-related claims.
  • Significantly more patient coverage by state, with nearly 20% more claims from California, South Dakota, North Dakota, Alaska, and Idaho.

Empower your organization with better intelligence

What does all this new data mean for you? The more data you have, the more context you get, and the easier it becomes to uncover opportunities. With the enhanced Atlas-All Payor Claims Dataset, your teams can:

  • Gain a deeper view of the market. By expanding our overall claims volumes across care settings, you gain a broader view of care delivery outside the traditional inpatient setting. This information allows you to make more informed decisions and tailor your strategies to align with market demands. Wondering which ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) have high enough patient volumes to make your investment worthwhile? Our dataset ensures you’re working with the best information, so you can prioritize the right opportunities.
  • Make sense of the patient journey. If you don’t have a clear picture of the patient journey, it’s hard to know who to target. All-payor claims data serves as a crucial tool for understanding patient journeys and driving data-driven actions for improved care and market growth. With this data, you can track patient journeys over time across different payors, service providers, and locations. Need to identify key diagnostic events or where patients encounter obstacles? Gain deeper insights into patients’ interactions with the healthcare system and surface new opportunities across the patient lifecycle.
  • Understand patient treatment activity. With more than 130 million additional claims data, the Atlas All-Payor Claims Dataset helps you gain a more detailed perspective of clinical activity across the entire U.S. Seeking insights into where a specific diagnosis, procedure, or prescription took place so you can identify trends by geography or provider? The Atlas-All Payor Claims Dataset can help you understand who is getting treated, who is treating them, and where it’s happening.

Learn more

Visit our Atlas-All Payor Claims page to learn more about our enhanced dataset and how we can help you transform the most relevant data into insights that can guide your decision-making and shape your strategy. Sign up for a product demo today to get hands-on experience with the Atlas Dataset and our other healthcare commercial intelligence solutions.

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