Unlock new intelligence with Atlas AI

Apr 26th, 2023

Unlock new intelligence with Atlas AI

When you’re selling into healthcare, you quickly learn just how big and complex the landscape is. Even “small” markets can feature a confounding number of facilities, providers, payors, and patients, all connected by multiple affiliations, partnerships, technologies, and treatments.  

The right data can help you make sense of this landscape, but there’s a ton to sift through: claims, references and affiliations, contact lists, financial and clinical performance data—the list goes on. Manually cleansing, linking, and analyzing so much data takes more time than you probably have, and in such a competitive market, there’s little room for human error.

That’s where artificial intelligence comes into the picture. Meet Atlas AI, our proprietary analytics built on top of our industry-leading Atlas Dataset. Atlas AI is embedded throughout our solutions and services – in fact, you’ve probably used some of them already. Combining artificial intelligence, machine learning (ML), advanced data science, and domain expertise, Atlas AI delivers new intelligence that makes it easier for you to understand, compete, and win in the healthcare market.

Whether you’re a marketer targeting providers based on referral patterns, a medical science liaison searching for the right expert to spread the word about your therapy, or a commercial team lead looking to allocate resources ahead of a product launch, Atlas AI transforms massive volumes of the most relevant data into insights that can guide your decision-making and shape your strategy.  

Make sense of the provider market

Healthcare providers collaborate, refer, and generally work together in a variety of ways. Even in a relatively small market, tracking provider relationships, partnerships, and network integrations can quickly result in a tangle of connections that looks more like unspooled yarn than a meaningful map. 

Don’t get tripped up on the provider market. Atlas AI delivers new intelligence on the providers you’re looking for:

  • Need to know how healthcare professionals and organizations work together? The Affiliation Intelligence tool uses claims data, primary research, and a variety of data science methods to help you track and gauge the strength of physician relationships, measure network integration, and determine facility ownership.
  • Looking to map a hospital’s organizational structure? Atlas AI Org Charts offers intuitive visuals to help you find decision-makers, understand a facility’s purchasing process, and target the right contacts.
  • Trying to find physicians who focus on temporary work? The Predicted Locum Tenens tool uses algorithms to identify likely locum tenens professionals who don’t necessarily label themselves that way.
  • Targeting a specific specialty? Our Claims-based Specialty feature leverages procedure claims and reference and affiliation data to determine a physician’s specialty based on the work they’re actually doing rather than potentially outdated and inaccurate self-reporting.
  • Wondering who’s paying whom? Claims-based Payor Analysis cleanses claims and categorizes payors to reveal top payors by patient volume, patient access details, and potential opportunities for collaboration. 
  • Want to understand clinical activity in markets where claims data isn’t available? All-Claims Estimation (ACE) Projections extrapolate clinical volume to up to 100% of the market by using complex data modeling and machine learning, so you can determine clinical activity in places that would otherwise be data blind spots. 

Identify relevant experts for maximum impact

In an age of staffing shortages and provider burnout, we’re certainly thankful for every healthcare professional (HCP) working today. But from a medical affairs or commercial team’s perspective, some HCPs are more influential—and thus more impactful—than the rest. 

When you want your product or service to make an impact across an entire market, you need to find and partner with the top experts and key opinion leaders (KOLs) whom other HCPs look up to. Atlas AI has you covered: 

  • Searching for the most influential, farthest-reaching experts in a certain therapeutic area? Our Expert Ranking analytical tool calculates influence scores for scientific and clinical experts using research activity and all-payor claims data.
  • Need to know which experts work with which organizations? KOL Industry Collaborations delivers the low-down on collaborations between KOLs, life science companies, and academic institutions based on published research, speaking engagements, grants, and project investments. 

Sharpen your commercial targeting

Atlas AI helps you analyze billions of claims using advanced data science to deliver a detailed, scaled-out perspective of the entire U.S. healthcare market, so you can target the best opportunities for commercializing your drug: 

  • Seeking insight into physicians’ prescribing patterns? RxDecision Insights scores physicians based on the impact and scope of their prescribing activity, so your salesforce can target those decision-makers who tend to change the course of therapy. 
  • Focusing on top drivers of prescribing volume with the most downstream influence? The Prescription Redistribution analytic attributes prescription refills to the physician who made the original prescribing decision, making it easier to target the primary physician influencing a patients’ behavior rather than the secondary physicians writing refills. 
  • Monitoring a drug’s market performance? Our New Prescriptions/Total Prescriptions (NRx/TRx) analytic shows you new and total prescription activity for U.S. physicians to help you track market share, launch performance, and overall salesforce effectiveness. 

Find the signal in the noise

Having a ton of data is great—if you have the tools and expertise to turn it into usable healthcare commercial intelligence. 

Definitive Healthcare has more than a decade of experience working with data and helping organizations use it to understand and shape the industry. In that time, we’ve developed proprietary data science methods that enable us to deliver intelligence that no one else can offer. 

Atlas AI is more than artificial intelligence—natural language processing, graph networks, custom algorithms, machine learning, and a healthy dose of mathematics are all part of the vast toolbox that we use to build these analytics.

When you add Atlas AI to the Atlas Dataset, and then combine it with our deep expertise in the healthcare industry, you get the intelligence you need to accelerate your journey to commercial success.  

Learn more

Atlas AI is available to users of our View and Monocl data products, Latitude Analytics Suite, and Passport Analytics Suite. Check out the Atlas AI page for more details (and a helpful FAQ) on these powerful analytics and how they can help you make better business decisions and find success in the complex healthcare market. 

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