Pull back the curtain on healthcare tech implementation with the Atlas Technology Install Dataset

Aug 17th, 2023

Pull back the curtain on healthcare tech implementation with the Atlas Technology Install Dataset

Want to learn whether a random stranger prefers Apple or Android? Just wait a few minutes until they start fiddling with their phone (or check their wrist for a telltale smartwatch).

Technology vendors selling into the healthcare market don’t have it so easy. Determining what systems a provider uses comes down to manual research, cold calling, and whatever information filters through the industry grapevine. But even with a lot of time and effort, you can’t always guarantee reliable insights.

The latest update to Definitive Healthcare’s Atlas Dataset cuts the legwork and the guesswork entirely, putting highly accurate, continually refreshed data on more than 1.7 million technology installations within just a few clicks.

The new Atlas Technology Install Dataset pulls back the curtain on tech implementation at hospitals, health systems, ambulatory surgery centers, and physician groups, so software and IT clients can quickly access the intelligence they need to find and focus on the organizations where they are most likely to close a deal.

But what exactly does this intelligence entail and what can you do with it? Let’s take a look—it goes way deeper than a provider’s preference between Brand A and Brand B.

Wider coverage and deeper insights into healthcare tech implementation

Put every U.S. hospital into a (very big) hat and pull one out at random. More than 19 times out of 20, that hospital will be running on an electronic health record (EHR) system certified by the Department of Health and Human Services.

As a technology vendor, you’re probably not courting too many buyers in that 5% margin. Chances are, you’re looking to understand the critical factors informing the buying decisions of the 95% who already have a system in place: Which competitor is a provider working with, and when was their tech installed?

The Atlas Technology Install Dataset answers all those questions in a single tab within Definitive Healthcare’s HospitalView, PhysicianGroupView, and SurgeryCenterView data products. Data on confirmed technology installations at healthcare facilities makes it easy to see which vendors and products a provider is using and how long those products have been in use. When we’re unable to confirm a facility’s tech implementation, our platform leverages proprietary data science to infer which technology is in place, providing a transparent level-of-confidence score.

And it's not just EHRs. With new installation data across 15 technology categories and more than 90 subcategories, you can easily search for providers and facilities that use the clinical, health information management, human resources, and other systems most relevant to your business.

Just how big is this update? It expands our total technology data sixfold, adding 300,000 new ambulatory surgery center records, 600,000 new hospital records, and more than 600,000 new physician group records. That includes expanded coverage on data vendors and tech products by 10% and 20% respectively.

Under typical circumstances, this intelligence is already at the top of technology vendors’ wish lists. But in the current economic climate, it’s truly a must-have if you’re hoping to get ahead of the competition.

Overcome economic headwinds with healthcare commercial intelligence

You probably don’t need the reminder, but cash isn’t exactly flowing freely these days. Across the healthcare ecosystem, wallets are staying snug in providers’ pockets, and many organizations are looking for opportunities to break up with vendors rather than adding new relationships.

With fewer buyers on the line, vendors need to pinch pennies too. Every minute spent chasing flaky prospects or mysterious providers is time (and money) wasted. The massive amount of new intelligence in our Technology Install Dataset helps you understand prospects so you can customize your outreach and commit resources only to those most likely to generate a return on your investment.

Great marketing strategies are built on great intelligence and plenty of confidence, and Definitive Healthcare provides both. Plus, with the updated signaling strength scores, you can skip waiting for an installation to be confirmed and beat your competition to the next opportunity—no hunch required, just good data science.

Once you’ve identified your most valuable prospects, speak to their needs—and to the capabilities of their competitors—with the latest insights into the technology profiles of their specific market. Our industry-preferred reference and affiliations data gives you visibility into how providers relate to one another, so you can understand the landscape in real time as your prospects see it: an evolving, interconnected network of organizations, healthcare professionals, and patients.

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All this updated intelligence is accessible via HospitalView, PhysicianGroupView, or SurgeryCenterView within a provider’s or facility’s profile under the new Technology Overview tab.

Don’t have access to the Definitive Healthcare platform? We’ll gladly give you a guided tour of the features that are best suited to your business needs. Just sign up for a free trial today to learn how healthcare commercial intelligence can unlock your next big opportunity.

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