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The following list for the top 20 drugs by total charges accounts for nearly $46 billion in charges for the year 2019. By far, the drug with the highest charges and payments is Humira. Accounting for over 16% of total charges, Humira is used in the treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis, Crohn's Disease, Psoriatic Arthritic (PsA,) and Plaque Psoriasis (PsO,) amongst a number of other conditions. Following Humira on the list, Stelara accounts for 7.4% of total charges and treats similar conditions including Crohn's Disease, PsA, and PsO.

Of the top 20, four drugs are related to the treatment of diabetes — Humalog, Novolog, JANUVIA, and Trulicity. Drugs treating diabetes related conditions accounted for over 13% of the charges for the list.

Top 20 Drugs by Total Charges

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RankDrug NameTotal Charges% of Total ChargesTotal PaymentsNumber of PrescriptionsExplore This Dataset
1Humira$7,736,528,48816.40%$2,219,090,212885,238Explore This Profile
2Stelara$3,797,384,0347.40%$806,102,383170,732Explore This Profile
3Xyrem$3,305,836,5896.20%$1,989,763,166230,430Explore This Profile
4IMBRUVICA$3,133,845,4625.90%$1,103,279,716212,886Explore This Profile
5Biktarvy$2,292,186,2804.30%$851,582,566553,182Explore This Profile
6ENBREL$2,202,123,3964.20%$855,062,741300,500Explore This Profile
7Epclusa$2,140,540,3234.30%$466,000,20667,675Explore This Profile
8Revlimid$2,110,144,7644.00%$785,884,233116,825Explore This Profile
9ELIQUIS$2,064,957,8583.70%$926,955,2262,895,868Explore This Profile
10COSENTYX$2,034,678,9754.00%$413,274,132158,203Explore This Profile
11Mavyret$1,986,125,0953.80%$379,545,824116,701Explore This Profile
12Humalog$1,691,298,5304.70%$576,722,2881,400,519Explore This Profile
13NovoLog$1,552,356,9622.90%$625,447,9281,414,108Explore This Profile
14JANUVIA$1,488,567,4502.90%$657,705,4071,782,821Explore This Profile
15Trulicity$1,482,099,1972.70%$573,251,8211,147,846Explore This Profile
16Truvada$1,468,945,2282.70%$462,043,822564,050Explore This Profile
17Genvoya$1,459,947,2412.70%$548,122,043358,087Explore This Profile
18Xarelto$1,437,444,3632.70%$589,426,8591,819,252Explore This Profile
19XIFAXAN$1,296,023,1572.40%$310,757,297456,690Explore This Profile
20INVEGA SUSTENNA$1,275,256,6642.40%$455,277,476350,751Explore This Profile

Fig 1 Data from Definitive Healthcare based on All-Payor Commercial Claims analytics from CY 2019.