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The following data table lists the top 25 physician groups by procedure volume. According to 2019 commercial claims data, physician groups have performed a total of nearly 530 million procedures this year. Though the procedures were shared between the 93,662 different physician groups that Definitive Healthcare tracks, the top 25 groups carried out 53.5 million of these procedures—accounting for 10 percent of the overall total for the 2019 claims year. The top physician group by procedure volume is Clinical Pathology Associates (Austin, TX), with a total of almost 10 million procedures this year. 

Clinical Pathology Associates reports one of the lowest average costs per procedure of the facili­ties listed. With an average cost per procedure of $845, Texas Oncology (Dallas, TX) has the highest average cost and the greatest number of total charges—despite ranking 8th on this list by procedure volume.

The regional distribution of these top 25 physician groups is almost evenly spread between states in the southern, midwestern, and northeastern regions—with about one-third of the physician groups located in primarily southern states. State size and patient concentration are most likely factors in the increased procedure volume that we see in these regions.

The top 25 physician groups yield just over $11 billion in combined total charges, with an overall aver­age cost of $241 per procedure.

A year-over-year comparison shows that combined total charges for the top groups has decreased by about $4 billion in recent years—down from a combined total of $15.3 billion in 2017. Though total charges have gradually decreased, there has been no significant change in average cost per proce­dure from year to year.

Top 25 Physician Groups by Procedure Volumes

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Physician Group NameDefinitive IDNumber of ProceduresTotal ChargesAverage Charge/ProcedureExplore This Dataset
1.Clinical Pathology Associates7143509,966,368$860,318,738$86Explore This Profile
2.BioReference Labratories7342853,128,864$289,736,891$93Explore This Profile
3.Patient First6628853,007,788$281,711,840$94Explore This Profile
4.Clin-Path Associates6773892,755,270$195,161,728$71Explore This Profile
5.Novant Health - University Family Physicians5532162,531,720$169,219,219$67Explore This Profile
6.ProHEALTH Care Associates5525652,437,772$570,184,591$234Explore This Profile
7.Texas Oncology5530582,209,867$1,866,782,070$845Explore This Profile
8.Spectrum Health Medical Group5505972,055,358$493,935,452$240Explore This Profile
9.North Shore Medical Arts LLP6540742,028,774$1,087,528,417$536Explore This Profile
10.Novant Health Medical Group5504971,959,245$98,469,604$50Explore This Profile
11.Springfield Clinic9569221,807,434$516,385,417$286Explore This Profile
12.Mercy Health Network Group Practice5504501,761,070$173,833,866$99Explore This Profile
13.Rothman Orthopaedic Institute7067201,711,764$623,069,066$364Explore This Profile
14.Heritage Medical Associates5527771,600,938$172,021,648$107Explore This Profile
15.DaVita Medical Group Florida6518891,567,495$38,523,766$25Explore This Profile
16.NYU Langone Huntington Medi­cal Group5527851,548,928$887,108,867$573Explore This Profile
17.Advocate Medical Group5502211,455,364$318,308,207$219Explore This Profile
18.Illinois Bone & Joint Institute5516121,416,754$347,702,248$245Explore This Profile
19.Mayo Clinic Physicians5504201,284,689$582,729,928$454Explore This Profile
20.Orlando Health Physician Asso­ciates5505251,280,514$273,389,355$213Explore This Profile
21.Loudoun Medical Group5504081,268,874$257,544,675$203Explore This Profile
22.American Hearing Solutions Inc6184431,249,845$42,950,222$34Explore This Profile
23.Sanford Hillsboro8451221,165,617$319,028,298$274Explore This Profile
24.Westmed Medical Group9561641,163,363$235,710,034$203Explore This Profile
25.Albany Med Physicians (AKA Albany Medical College)6168821,160,728$473,777,724$408Explore This Profile

Fig 1. Data from Definitive Healthcare based on 2019 commercial claims data. Commercial claims data is sourced from multiple medical claims clearinghouses in the United States. Data is updated monthly.