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The following table lists the top 25 surgical procedures performed at physician groups. Of all the surgical procedures performed at physician groups in 2018, the top 25 made up more than 60 percent. The most common procedure by far is “routine venipuncture” (CPT code 36415), which accounted for just over 26 percent of all physician group procedures. The second most common procedure by volume is “draining or injection of a major joint” (CPT code 20610), which comprised only 3 percent of all surgical procedures by volume.

Combined charges for the top 25 procedures by volume total more than $7 billion, with an overall average cost of $452 per procedure. 

Top 25 Surgical Procedures at Physician Groups

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CPT/HCPCS CodeDescription# of ProceduresAvg. Charge/ProcedureExplore These Claims
1.36415Routine venipuncture17,696,972$14 Explore This Code
2.20610Drain/inj joint/bursa w/o us2,441,477$240 Explore This Code
3.17000Destruct premalg lesion1,801,010$129 Explore This Code
4.11100Biopsy skin lesion1,636,620$187 Explore This Code
5.36416Capillary blood draw1,478,777$15 Explore This Code
6.17110Destruct b9 lesion 1-141,437,026$202 Explore This Code
7.17003Destruct premalg les 2-141,226,040$85 Explore This Code
8.51798Us urine capacity measure1,137,877$69 Explore This Code
9.67028Injection eye drug1,050,105$479 Explore This Code
10.11721Debride nail 6 or more979,485$80 Explore This Code
11.43239Egd biopsy single/multiple937,536$869 Explore This Code
12.45380Colonoscopy and biopsy741,703$1,105 Explore This Code
13.69210Remove impacted ear wax uni650,046$120 Explore This Code
14.59025Fetal non-stress test641,278$131 Explore This Code
15.66984XCAPSL CTRC RMVL W/O ECP566,303$1,920 Explore This Code
16.45385Colonoscopy w/lesion removal556,031$1,238 Explore This Code
17.20550Inj tendon sheath/ligament506,748$178 Explore This Code
18.45378Diagnostic colonoscopy467,421$943 Explore This Code
19.11101Biopsy skin add-on448,519$108 Explore This Code
20.52000Cystoscopy432,094$546 Explore This Code
21.31231Nasal endoscopy dx421,549$507 Explore This Code
22.20611Drain/inj joint/bursa w/us420,377$407 Explore This Code
23.11042Deb subq tissue 20 sq cm/<377,712$244 Explore This Code
24.64483Inj foramen epidural l/s371,624$1,152 Explore This Code
25.31575Diagnostic laryngoscopy357,601$336 Explore This Code

Fig 1. Data from Definitive Healthcare based on 2018 commercial claims data. Commercial claims data is sourced from multiple medical claims clearinghouses in the United States. Data is updated monthly.