Most commonly prescribed antidepressants

Major depressive disorder episodes were the most common mental health diagnoses in 2021. With more and more adults reporting symptoms of anxiety and depression, discussing how we cope and manage our mental health is becoming less taboo. Treatment options range from traditional therapy, virtual and telehealth services, digital therapeutics and medication.

The following list contains the top 20 antidepressants by prescription volume for 2021 based on data from the Definitive Healthcare ClaimsRx product.

Top 20 antidepressant medications by prescription volume

Rank Drug name 2021 prescriptions
1 Sertraline hydrochloride 18,337,255
2 Trazodone hydrochloride 15,175,105
3 Bupropion hydrochloride 14,849,877
4 Fluoxetine 12,925,013
5 Duloxetine 11,168,323
6 Escitalopram 9,632,164
7 Venlafaxine hydrochloride 7,995,409
8 Citalopram hydrobromide 7,181,357
9 Escitalopram oxalate 6,958,167
10 Amitriptyline hydrochloride 5,107,340
11 Mirtazapine 4,408,503
12 Paroxetine 4,114,922
13 Sumatriptan succinate 2,152,081
14 Sertraline 1,726,142
15 Sumatriptan 1,659,173
16 Citalopram 1,626,946
17 Desvenlafaxine 1,452,868
18 Nortriptyline hydrochloride 1,400,642
19 Rizatriptan benzoate 1,375,510
20 Doxepin hydrochloride 1,249,531

Fig. 1.  Data from the Definitive Healthcare ClaimsRx product. Claims data is sourced from multiple medical claims clearinghouses in the United States and updated monthly. Data accurate as of June 2022.

What are the most common antidepressants?

Sertraline hydrochloride, used for multiple mental health and mood disorders, is the most prescribed antidepressant on the list with more than 18 million prescriptions in 2021. Trazadone hydrochloride, used to treat anxiety and depression, is second on the list with more than 15 million prescriptions. Next, bupropion hydrochloride had 14.8 million prescriptions and fluoxetine had nearly 13 million.

The antidepressant drugs on this list account for nearly 130.5 million prescriptions.

What are the different types of antidepressants?

Antidepressant medications can fall into a number of different categories which are based on how the drug affects the body’s chemistry. The main types of antidepressants include:

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