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Top 10 HCA Healthcare hospitals in Virginia

The following list highlights the top-performing HCA Healthcare hospitals in Virginia by net patient revenue (NPR). HCA Healthcare operates 14 hospitals and five freestanding ER facilities throughout the state. 

What is net patient revenue? 

Net patient revenue is the total amount of money received from a payor for treatment. Charitable donations, foundation earnings, contractual adjustments, bad debt, or money from other financial sources are not included. Net patient revenue is one key metric used to measure a hospital’s financial performance.  

Top 10 HCA Healthcare Hospitals in Virginia by Net Patient Revenue

Rank Hospital name Definitive ID City State Provider number IDN IDN parent Net patient revenue Explore dataset
Johnston-Willis Hospital 4264 North Chesterfield VA 490112 HCA Virginia Health System HCA Healthcare $786,655,526  Explore
Henrico Doctors Hospital 4280 Richmond VA 490118 HCA Virginia Health System HCA Healthcare $574,845,580  Explore
LewisGale Medical Center 4339 Salem VA 490048 HCA Virginia Health System - LewisGale Regional Health System HCA Healthcare $356,484,632  Explore
Reston Hospital Center 4270 Reston VA 490107 HCA Virginia Health System HCA Healthcare $354,940,542  Explore
LewisGale Hospital Montgomery 4287 Blacksburg VA 490110 HCA Virginia Health System - LewisGale Regional Health System HCA Healthcare $124,713,475  Explore
Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center 550205 Fredericksburg VA 490141 HCA Virginia Health System HCA Healthcare $124,133,116  Explore
John Randolph Medical Center 4320 Hopewell VA 490020 HCA Virginia Health System HCA Healthcare $107,369,407  Explore
StoneSprings Hospital Center 579791 Dulles VA 490145 HCA Virginia Health System HCA Healthcare $59,239,672  Explore
LewisGale Hospital Pulaski 4295 Pulaski VA 490116 HCA Virginia Health System - LewisGale Regional Health System HCA Healthcare $51,318,115  Explore
10 Dominion Hospital 5982 Falls Church VA 494023 HCA Virginia Health System HCA Healthcare $45,398,149  Explore

Fig 1. Data from Definitive Healthcare's hospital & IDN platform, accessed January 2022.

The hospitals on this list bring in over $2.6 billion in combined net patient revenue, with an average NPR of $238 million. Together, these 10 hospitals account for about 6% of HCA Healthcare’s total nationwide NPR.  

Johnston-Willis Hospital in North Chesterfield reported an NPR of more than $786 million, the highest among HCA hospitals in Virginia and 30% of this list’s total NPR.  

HCA Healthcare is the parent network for the integrated delivery network HCA Virginia Health System. 

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