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Despite the rapid rate of consolidation in the healthcare market, staffing shortages continue to plague care facilities across the U.S. Because facilities are short-staffed, physicians and care providers are working longer hours, spending less time with patients, and spending more time logging clinical data into electronic health record (EHR) systems. All of these factors are contributing to physician burnout.

Burnout is largely fueled by increased reporting demands and widespread adoption of EHR systems and other technologies, such as telemedicine and patient portals. New technology implementations require user training, pulling staff away from patients and necessitating the hire of locum tenens staff and other contracted labor.

We’ve compiled a list of the top hospitals reporting the greatest spending on contracted labor in 2017, the most recent reporting year available. Of the 25 facilities listed, 19 are part of the Kaiser Permanente Health System. In 2017, Kaiser saw dramatic growth, which could be a contributing factor in labor expenses. With a 10 percent membership increase, the health system likely hired locum tenens staff while holding trainings on policy, reporting standards, and technology for new member facilities.

None of the remaining six facilities were members of the same health system at the time of reporting.

Top 25 Hospitals by Contract Labor Spend

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Hospital NameContract Labor SpendNumber of DischargesNumber of Staffed BedsExplore This Dataset
1.Mayo Clinic Hospital - Saint Marys Campus (MN)$196,632,76555,6891,186Explore This Profile
2.Kaiser Permanente - Fontana Medical Center (CA)$131,782,55331,539626Explore This Profile
3.Kaiser Permanente - Los Angeles Medical Center (CA)$131,430,47923,702460Explore This Profile
4.Kaiser Permanente - San Leandro Medical Center (CA)$123,021,40812,092206Explore This Profile
5.Kaiser Permanente - Oakland Medical Center (CA)$122,596,18820,430365Explore This Profile
6.Kaiser Permanente - Zion Medical Center (CA)$120,674,46624,802556Explore This Profile
7.Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara Medical Center (CA)$99,327,71419,691327Explore This Profile
8.Kaiser Permanente Roseville Medical Center (CA)$98,929,69523,364336Explore This Profile
9.Kaiser Permanente South Sacramento Medical Center (CA)$96,226,97615,945217Explore This Profile
10.Kaiser Permanente Sacramento Medical Center (CA)$90,213,56811,788287Explore This Profile
11.Kaiser Permanente - Downey Medical Center (CA)$83,545,61416,554352Explore This Profile
12.Kaiser Permanente - Manteca Medical Center (CA)$66,515,20211,167213Explore This Profile
13.The Johns Hopkins Hospital (MD)$66,273,16145,0861,007Explore This Profile
14.Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Medical Center (CA)$65,339,87611,973239Explore This Profile
15.Kaiser Permanente San Jose Medical Center (CA)$63,000,54611,446235Explore This Profile
16.Kaiser Permanente - Baldwin Park Medical Center (CA)$62,782,80811,364257Explore This Profile
17.UPMC Presbyterian (PA)$60,688,19051,4901,181Explore This Profile
18.Kaiser Permanente Walnut Creek Medical Center (CA)$59,610,74611,957233Explore This Profile
19.Kaiser Permanente Vallejo Medical Center (CA)$55,393,4748,911200Explore This Profile
20.Grady Hospital (GA)$50,184,95632,252646Explore This Profile
21.UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital (CO)$49,926,45731,207634Explore This Profile
22.Kaiser Permanente - South Bay Medical Center (CA)$49,099,93210,240293Explore This Profile
23.Kaiser Permanente Santa Rosa Medical Center (CA)$48,821,9239,958173Explore This Profile
24.Kaiser Permanente - West Los Angeles Medical Center (CA)$47,957,9488,564265Explore This Profile
25.Banner - University Medical Center Tucson (AZ)$47,132,30121,277479Explore This Profile

Fig 1. Data from Definitive Healthcare based on combined net patient revenue reported by IDN member hospitals from fiscal year 2016, the most recent data available. Number of discharges based on compilation of reports from IDN member hospitals.