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Top U.S. hospitals performing kidney transplants

Kidney transplants involve the surgical placement of a healthy kidney from a living or deceased donor into the patient’s body. The United Network for Organ Sharing reports that more than 25,000 kidney transplants were performed in 2022—an all-time high. However, more than 40,000 additional patients could be saved from premature death by receiving a kidney transplant. This unmet need is the driving force behind exciting new experimental treatments like xenotransplantation.

Using data from the Atlas All-Payor Claims database, we’ve compiled a list of U.S. hospitals ranked by their relative share of kidney transplants in 2023.

Top 20 U.S. hospitals performing the most kidney transplants in 2023

Rank Definitive ID Hospital State % Of Kidney Transplants in U.S. Explore dataset
178 Mayo Clinic Hospital - Arizona AZ 5.5% Explore
809 Tampa General Hospital FL 4.7% Explore
3120 Cleveland Clinic Main Campus OH 4.1% Explore
2096 University Hospital MI 3.7% Explore
3862 Methodist Hospital TX 3.3% Explore
998 Piedmont Atlanta Hospital (AKA Piedmont Hospital) GA 3.1% Explore
3923 William P Clements Jr University Hospital (FKA UT Southwestern University Hospital - St Paul) TX 2.8% Explore
1365 IU Health Methodist Hospital IN 2.3% Explore
2191 Mayo Clinic Hospital - Saint Mary's Campus MN 2.3% Explore
10 588 Stanford Hospital - 300 Pasteur Dr CA 2.1% Explore
11 792 Mayo Clinic Hospital - Florida FL 2.1% Explore
12 3158 University of Cincinnati Medical Center (FKA University Hospital) OH 2.1% Explore
13 776 Cleveland Clinic Florida - Weston (AKA Weston Hospital) FL 1.9% Explore
14 2837 The Mount Sinai Hospital (AKA Mount Sinai Medical Center) NY 1.8% Explore
15 977 Emory University Hospital GA 1.8% Explore
16 2660 Cooperman Barnabas Medical Center (FKA Saint Barnabas Medical Center) NJ 1.6% Explore
17 2645 Hackensack University Medical Center NJ 1.5% Explore
18 395 Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center CA 1.3% Explore
19 1047339 UTMB - Texas Department of Criminal Justice Hospital TX 1.3% Explore
20 3914 Medical City Dallas TX 1.2% Explore

Fig. 1 Data from our Atlas All-Payor Claims database for 2023 through December.

What is the top kidney transplant hospital in 2023?

According to data from the Atlas All-Payor Claims database, the U.S. hospital that performed the most kidney transplants in 2023 was The Mayo Clinic Hospital – Arizona. Located in Phoenix, AZ, this nonprofit hospital performed 5.5% of total kidney transplant procedures last year.

The hospital performing the second highest number of kidney transplants is Tampa General Hospital in Tampa, Florida, with 4.7% of kidney transplant procedures in 2023.

The Cleveland Clinic Main Campus in Cleveland, Ohio, takes third place for hospitals performing the most kidney transplants with 4.1% of total procedures.

These hospitals are also well-known for more than just kidney transplant procedures. All three facilities appear in our list of the top hospitals that performed the most liver transplants in 2023.

How is kidney failure treated?

Kidney failure (also known as renal failure) is the end stage of kidney disease, in which a person’s kidneys no longer function independently. Every year, more than 750,000 people in the United States are affected by kidney failure. Without treatment, kidney failure is deadly.

There are two primary treatment options for people with kidney failure: dialysis and kidney treatment. Dialysis uses a machine and special solution to help a patient’s body filter blood when their kidneys are no longer able to do so. Dialysis may be performed at home, contributing to the growing demand for at-home care, or at a dedicated renal dialysis center. For more information on these facilities, read our Healthcare Insight for a region-by-region breakdown of the top performing renal dialysis clinics in the U.S.

Where is the best place in the U.S. for kidney transplants?

The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (ranked 31 on our list) has the highest one-year kidney survival rate among U.S. kidney transplant programs, as well as the fourth-fastest time-to-transplant rate.

Time to transplant from deceased donors is the measure with the largest impact on survival, according to the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (SRTR), a national-level research program funded and overseen by the Health Resources and Services Administration.

Which state has the shortest waiting list for kidney transplants?

Like any organ transplant, the waiting time for a kidney transplant can vary based on several factors. According to the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS), the average person can expect to wait three to five years for a kidney transplant.

However, the timing may be shorter or longer in various places around the country. Patients may also be further prioritized based on the recipient's age, blood type of the recipient and donor, the distance between the recipient and the donor kidney, how urgent the condition is, and more.

NYU Langone Health in New York City provides the fastest transplants from deceased donors. It demonstrates the fifth-highest one-year kidney survival rates of any program in the U.S., according to SRTR. Tisch Hospital, ranked 22 on our list, is a member of the NYU Langone Health integrated delivery network.

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