Top 10 long-term care hospitals by net patient revenue  

Long-term care hospitals are critical for providing care to patients with complex medical issues needing extended treatment. The healthcare providers working in these hospitals help improve patients’ quality of care and outcomes.  

Definitive Healthcare currently tracks 568 long-term care hospitals in the HospitalView database. See which of these hospitals rank highest for net patient revenue (NPR) below.  

Top 10 long-term care hospitals with the highest net patient revenue  


Hospital Name 


Net Patient Revenue 

Shepherd Center 



NYC Health and Hospitals - Carter  



RML Specialty Hospital Hinsdale 



Wellstar Windy Hill Hospital 



Craig Hospital 



Hebrew SeniorLife - Hebrew Rehabilitation Center 



ArchCare at Calvary Hospital - Bronx Campus 



Hospital for Special Care 



Kindred Hospital - La Mirada 




Kindred Hospital - Chicago Northlake Campus 



Fig. 1Data is from Definitive Healthcare’s HospitalView database. Data accessed July 2022.  

Which hospital had the highest net patient revenue? 

Shepherd Center in Georgia has the highest net patient revenue, with $248,190,688. Coming in second is NYC Health and Hospitals - Carter in New York, with $151,152,477, and in third is RML Specialty Hospital Hinsdale in Illinois, with $125,821,548.  

The top 10 long-term care hospitals collectively have $1,299,007,784 in net patient revenue, with an average of $129,900,778. 

Notably, 70% of the hospitals on this list are in highly populated states: Georgia, New York, Illinois and California. This makes sense because the higher the population, the more patients a hospital might have, and thus, the more opportunity to generate net patient revenue. 

What is a long-term care hospital? 

A long-term care hospital is a medical center that is dedicated to the care and treatment of individuals presenting with at least one serious but stable medical condition. Patients in these facilities require hospital care for at least 25 days. 

Long-term acute care hospitals (LTACHs) often provide the following services: 

  • Head trauma treatment  
  • Pain management  
  • Respiratory therapy 

Long-term acute care vs skilled nursing facility 

Although long-term acute care hospitals and skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) both offer long-term care, there are some critical differences between the two facility types.  

  • LTACHs are generally more expensive.  
  • Care given in LTACHs is much more intensive. 
  • SNF patients typically receive care from nurses and therapists more often, while LTACH patients work more closely with physicians.   

Medicare hospital coverage 

Under Medicare Part A, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) provides coverage for long-term hospital stays. The beneficiary typically pays associated deductibles and coinsurance costs for their care. 

What is net patient revenue? 

Net patient revenue refers to the money that medical centers collect from patient services. NPR can be a helpful indicator of the financial health of an organization. That is, the higher a hospital’s net patient revenue, the more likely it will be financially successful.   

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