Webinar: Selling to Doctors in the Fast-Growing Outpatient Market

Learn more about this fast-growing market

Understand how the selling paradigm is shifting as outpatient volumes rise to phenomenal heights across the U.S.  Gain a deeper understanding of the key trends impacting physician purchasing and the improved strategies for selling to the increasing number of providers serving the ambulatory market.

This webinar will cover how:

  • To identify ideal selling opportunities in the large ambulatory care market, including 1.6 million allied health professionals
  • Traditionally inpatient acute care environments, including cardiology, orthopedics, gynecology, and advanced dermatology, among other practice areas, are shifting
  • Payment reforms, technology advancement, and patient sentiment are driving change in the ambulatory care market
  • To target the key physician influencers across multiple facilities and networks



About the Presenter: Maggie Fortune

Enterprise Account Executive, Definitive Healthcare

Maggie brings nearly a decade of hands-on sales and consulting experience in the healthcare sector. She helps life science companies hone their sales and marketing strategies through a strong foundation in research and data, and a rich understanding of the factors impacting the healthcare market.

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