Definitive Healthcare has incorporated CMS’s Open Payments data set into both the hospital and the physician databases.

CMS collects information from manufacturers of drugs and devices about payments and other transfers of value they make to physicians and teaching hospitals. These payments and other transfers of value can be for many purposes, like research, consulting, travel, and gifts.  The data set also include information about physicians who have an ownership or investment interest in an applicable manufacturer or GPO.  Direct, indirect, and third party payments are all included.

Subscribers can search the Open Payments data set within the hospital and physician databases to find out:

  • Which hospitals, health systems, and physicians have received payments, from whom, and for what purpose
  • What products a manufacturer has given to which hospitals and physicians
  • What companies a physician has an ownership or investment interest in, and how much it is
  • How much a manufacturer or GPO has contributed to hospitals and physicians
Christina Cussimanio, Senior Director of Marketing, Healthcare IT

With Definitive Healthcare, our organization is able to identify decision makers from hospital executives to physician leaders. We appreciate that data is up-to-the-minute and that the platform automatically feeds over 400K reports into our Salesforce deployment, saving us large amounts of time over having to look up all that information.