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Data Products
Data Products
Access the highest quality data and intelligence on hospitals, physicians, and other healthcare providers - updated daily
Go-To-Market Solutions
Go-To-Market Solutions
Explore rich insights and correlations to define and optimize your commercialization strategy across all healthcare verticals
Delivery & Integration
Delivery & Integration
Connect your team seamlessly with our data through an online portal, your CRM, or our app
Advanced Analytics & Services
Advanced Analytics & Services
Collaborate with our team for further analysis of market trends via a range of consulting, analysis, and reporting services

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Physicians Database
Data on more than 1.7 million physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals
Physician Groups Database
Physician Groups
Analyze the most in-depth data on more than 135,000 physician groups across the U.S.
Long-Term Care Facilities Database
Long-Term Care Facilities
Access skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, home health agencies, and hospices

Accountable Care Organizations Database
Accountable Care Organizations
Analyze more than 1,600 accountable care organizations across the U.S.
Ambulatory Surgery Centers Databases
Ambulatory Surgery Centers
Data on more than 11,200 ambulatory surgery centers and surgery center corporations
Health Clinics Database
Health Clinics
Dive into 40,000 clinics across the U.S., including retail clinics, urgent care, and more

Imaging Centers database
Imaging Centers
View data on over 15,800 U.S. hospital-based, freestanding, and portable imaging centers
Payors Database
Explore more than 1,200 payors across the U.S., including nationwide and regional insurers
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Go-to-market solutions

Optimize your commercialization strategy

We accelerate your growth by integrating patient and provider insights directly into your existing processes for strategic analytics, go-to-market planning, and field execution. View Go-To-Market Solutions
Go-to-market solutions
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Delivery & integration products

DefinitiveID - Healthcare’s universal ID for facilities and physicians

Streamline your master data management, account linking, and third-party data access.

The DefinitiveID is the only universal and collaborative provider reference source in the market for every U.S. hospital and physician. It is used broadly to track, analyze, and categorize specific care providers and facilities within an organization’s CRM, throughout a supply chain, or across provider networks and affiliations.

It has been adopted as the industry standard within software applications, consultancies, and data providers serving the healthcare arena. The Definitive ID transitions with providers throughout their professional lifetime.
Definitive ID

Salesforce integration

Definitive’s online dataset integrates directly into Salesforce through a native API connection available on the Salesforce AppExchange. You have the ability to import any Definitive data point to ensure your team has everything at their fingertips in one place.

There are 45 fields available immediately after installation, with the option of mapping over 120 more. It is a quick and simple process to import contacts into your accounts and includes a seamless synchronization process that ensures the most up-to-date data possible.
Salesforce integration

CRM integrations

Access the most updated intelligence on hospitals and other care providers, whenever you need it. Make market data as accessible as possible for your team with our Salesforce app and fully customize your experience. View CRM Integrations
CRM integrations

Configurable API integration

Eliminate time spent combing through information points with CRM integration services designed to help you merge healthcare analytics into your existing workflows – creating one system of record. Build a customized data integration and get access to the data your team needs.
Configurable API integration

Custom data feeds

Access a fast, convenient way to explore critical data and help your team save time and speed up your sales cycle with target accounts. You choose the file formats you want to include and access them with a personalized FTP site.
custom data feeds

With consolidation happening faster than ever, data and insights are more important than they've ever been. That's why I'm a Definitive Healthcare user, because I'm such a believer that knowledge is power.

Dave Edwards
VP of Strategic Corporate Accounts
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Advanced analytics & services

Partner with our team of experts

From data integration and custom BI reporting to account segmentation and analysis, our customer-focused team of experts provides essential collaboration on key strategic initiatives that accelerate growth. View Advanced Analytics & Services
Advanced analytics & services

Healthcare data elements

Explore key healthcare data elements

Access over 2 million profiles on hospitals, physicians, health systems, long-term care facilities, and other providers. Our team daily updates data on executive moves, mergers and acquisitions, requests for proposals, and certificates of need. View Key Healthcare Data
Healthcare data elements