Definitive Healthcare’s database breaks down key hospital quality of care and compliance metrics to allow subscribers to analyze and compare the performance of hospitals, or target areas of improvement.

Definitive Healthcare’s quality of care analytics help our clients:

  • Analyze overall performance of hospitals, physicians, and other facilities across important clinical metrics such as readmission rate
  • Identify hospitals that need help in certain key areas
  • Elevate the conversation with key hospital executives – the more our users know about their customer’s business the better the chance of having a meaningful sales conversation

Metrics include:

  • Readmission and mortality rates
  • Serious complication measures
  • Hospital-acquired condition and healthcare-associated infection measures
  • Patient satisfaction (HCAHPS) measures
  • Process of care metrics
  • Imaging efficiency metrics
  • Structural measures
Christina Cussimanio, Senior Director of Marketing, Healthcare IT

With Definitive Healthcare, our organization is able to identify decision makers from hospital executives to physician leaders. We appreciate that data is up-to-the-minute and that the platform automatically feeds over 400K reports into our Salesforce deployment, saving us large amounts of time over having to look up all that information.