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Top 25 Rural Health Clinics by Total Visits

According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), rural health clinics were established in 1977 as a method of providing healthcare access to Medicare patients in rural areas of the U.S. This includes access to physicians as well as other healthcare professionals, including nurse practitioners, physician assistants, clinical psychologists, and more. Definitive Healthcare tracks over 4,600 rural health clinics, more than 4,300 of which are currently active. These facilities focus on providing both primary care as well as preventative care to Medicare patients across the rural U.S.

In order to qualify as a rural health clinic, facilities must meet specific criteria, including:

  • Location in a non-urbanized area as defined by the U.S. Census Bureau
  • Employ at least one nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant
  • Have a nurse practitioner, physician’s assistant, or nurse-midwife working at least half the time a clinic is open
  • Offer routine diagnostic services and more

Of the rural health clinics listed below, 44 percent reported belonging to a health system. This could be advantageous, with health systems offering greater resources for clinics to provide diagnostic and other laboratory services. Health system membership could also aid in securing staffing, either through the health system itself or through negotiations with a staffing company. Interestingly, the number of visits reported by rural health clinics did not necessarily correlate to total costs. London Women’s Care ranked 21st for total number of visits, but had higher total costs than 8 of the top 10 clinics. Higher costs could be attributed to a variety of factors, including health system membership, location, patient demographics, and more.

Top 25 Rural Health Clinics by Total Visits

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 Clinic NameTotal VisitsTotal CostsNetworkExplore This Dataset
1.Unitypoint Clinic Family Medicine - Belle Plaine190,459$30,302,409UnityPoint HealthExplore This Profile
2.Hutchinson Clinic on Waldron147,419$18,768,816Hutchinson ClinicExplore This Profile
3.Quincy Medical Group - 1025 Main145,539$22,137,919  Explore This Profile
4.PCA Greenville142,772$21,365,018 Baylor Scott & White HealthExplore This Profile
5.Primary Care Centers of Eastern Ky - Hazard140,852$18,916,218  Explore This Profile
6.Mercy Clinic Family Medicine - Lebanon134,437$15,890,147 Mercy (MO)Explore This Profile
7.Beverly Hills Medical Clinic101,373$15,850,072  Explore This Profile
8.Family Health Care Associates - Pineville99,889$9,298,354  Explore This Profile
9.Jones Regional Medical Center Family Medicine - Anamosa91,995$16,116,483 UnityPoint Health Des MoinesExplore This Profile
10.Mercy Clinic Family Medicine - St Robert91,952$10,547,358 Mercy (MO)Explore This Profile
11.Evergreen Family Medicine - Main Office88,483$17,043,882  Explore This Profile
12.Kneibert Clinic Llc87,870$11,472,290 Saint Francis Health SystemExplore This Profile
13.Ferguson Medical Group - Charleston87,042$9,010,721  Explore This Profile
14.Ferguson Medical Group - East Prairie82,069$7,673,867  Explore This Profile
15.Clark Clinic - Sumter County Clinic78,590$7,096,456  Explore This Profile
16.Center for Medical Arts Rural Health75,306$11,266,275 Southern Illinois HealthcareExplore This Profile
17.Lynden Family Medicine73,741$12,541,529  Explore This Profile
18.Logan Primary Care - Herrin70,304$5,554,217 Southern Illinois HealthcareExplore This Profile
19.Hannibal Clinic - Hannibal68,086$7,900,987  Explore This Profile
20.Pediatrics In Brevard - Melbourne67,520$8,665,965  Explore This Profile
21.London Womens Care66,342$21,761,185  Explore This Profile
22.Apex Medical Group66,060$8,296,547  Explore This Profile
23.CHRISUS Trinity Clinic - Mineola65,060$7,257,164 CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Health SystemExplore This Profile
24.Elm Clinic63,583$11,247,033 Saint Alphonsus Health SystemExplore This Profile
25.Physicians Park Primary Care63,375$9,336,660  Explore This Profile


Fig 1. Data from Definitive Healthcare based on self-reporting and reports from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

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