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5 Effective Selling Strategies Life Sciences Companies Are Using in 2019

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Reach hospitals, IDNs, and physicians

In an increasingly complex and consolidating provider landscape, vendors cannot win with focused targeting and sales efficiency alone.  Today, as Life Sciences companies join providers in addressing new patient-centric care models, relevant, informed, and data-rich conversations make the difference between best-in-class sales organizations and the other guys.  Bring your revenue growth strategies up to date. 

This webinar with help you:

  • Understand what matters to your buyer by knowing their patient populations and diseases by specific providers
  • Know what Doctors offer expanded network and patient reach by examining critical referral patterns within and outside of an IDN
  • Uncover provider metrics, patterns, and affiliations data to accelerate prospect targeting
  • Identify key success indicators and essential criteria for a provider’s purchasing capacity and intent
  • See how providers use technology and patient data to influence their purchasing decisions



About the Presenter: Matt Lebowitz

Matt is a Life Sciences Enterprise Account Executive and Data Specialist at Definitive Healthcare. Lebowitz has more than three years of experience working with life sciences companies to curate ideal marketing and sales strategies.


About Definitive Healthcare

Definitive Healthcare is the number one healthcare data and analytics platform, delivering information on every care provider in the U.S. Based on 3 billion+ medical and Rx claims, the platform empowers users to analyze referral patterns, financial metrics, clinical data, HCAHPs scores, and other data on hospitals, physicians, medical groups, IDNs, surgery centers, long-term care facilities, and others. Request a free trial to explore the platform.