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10 Key Strategies for Selling to IDNs and GPOs

10 Key Strategies for Selling to IDNs and GPOs

After 35+ years in the industry, John Pritchard and Ken Murawski know what works when it comes to selling to Integrated Delivery Networks and Group Purchasing Organizations. In this webinar, tap into their collective knowledge and learn how you too…

June 22, 2021
Updated Healthcare Industry Trends Selling to Doctors and Hospitals In a Changed Market

Current industry trends: Selling in a changed market

In January 2020, we presented on healthcare trends because we feel confident that the best way to sell is to understand the key challenges of your target audience. Due to COVID-19, those key challenges have shifted. In this updated webinar, attendees…

June 22, 2021
Exploring Rare Disease Through a Data Driven Lens

Exploring Rare Disease through a Data-Driven Lens

While the complexities for rare disease treatment are numerous, the last few years have shown major strides towards meaningful progress. In honor of Rare Disease Day 2021, join us as we explore hurdles and opportunities for biotech and pharmaceutical…

June 22, 2021
How Pharma Firms Use Definitive Healthcare to Commercialize A New Product

How pharma firms use our solutions

The process of bringing a new drug or therapy to market poses a unique set of challenges. A data-driven approach can fuel your team’s early stage strategy during phase III clinical trials, registration/PDUFA set, planning sales territories, and…

June 22, 2021