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Healthcare providers are increasingly turning to consulting firms to help control costs and meet increasingly complex program and care requirements. But, as the market changes quickly, it’s hard to know how to really help without a complete and contextualized view of healthcare providers.

Streamline and accelerate your bidding process and improve your clients’ outcomes with superior insights using current and historical intelligence on hospital financials, clinical and quality performance, and technology installations. Or, look at physician referral patterns, prescription volumes, and provider affiliations to build a great strategy. You’re the expert.
Consulting & Healthcare Services
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Make every conversation count with in-depth intelligence

Build the consultative relationship that your clients expect
Customize your messaging

Customize your messaging to prospective clients

Explore trended financial and clinical data, technology installations, quality performance data, Diagnosis and procedure history.
client competitive landscapes

Assess client competitive landscapes

Browse the competitive analysis visual dashboard, patient population demographics, CMS participation data, and VBP and financial performance.
provider technology footprint

Understand the provider technology footprint

Access personalized data feeds, custom reporting capabilities, hospital benchmarking, and executive names and contact.
Daily alerts on industry changes

Receive daily alerts on industry changes

Access M&A activity, funding and financial announcements, clinical trials, and new capabilities.
Provider landscape

Understand the provider landscape

View therapy area analytics, partnership announcements, network hierarchies, and identify network leakage.
Map sales & marketing territories

Map sales & marketing territories

Build a great go-to-market strategy with hospital affiliations, physician employment predictions, purchasing relationships, and CBSA analytics.

Our organization uses Definitive Healthcare on a daily basis. It is how I do my job and my go-to tool for understanding where the opportunities might be in the organizations I’m talking to. We look at total spend, we look at quality metrics, and it really allows us to pare down and summarize what we believe the opportunity is, so when I’m calling a client I’m as informed as I can be without knowing anything else about the facility.

Jessica Rizzo
Senior Director of Client Solutions
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Professional services team

Our in-house specialists create custom reports and FTP sites with the intelligence that matters most to you and your clients. Rely on a unique partnership that delivers the insights you need in the ways that are most accessible for your team.
Professional services team

Definitive dashboards

Understand hospital and health system financial strength at-a-glance to determine points of excess spending and assess buying readiness. Trended financial analysis improves ability to offer in-depth custom financial solutions. Explore Our Platform
Definitive dashboards

Quality performance

Examine quality performance to find opportunities for improvement and advanced data tracking – including areas like HCAHPS, readmission rates, and hospital-acquired conditions.
Quality performance

Affiliations & network mapping

Analyze referral patterns to determine your total addressable market, pinpoint and stop network leakage at client facilities, and identify where decision-makers are within health system hierarchies. Learn More: Hospitals & IDNs
Affiliations & network mapping

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Hospitals & IDNs Database
Hospitals & IDNs
Daily updated intelligence, insights and profiles on more than 8,800 hospitals and IDNs
Medical Claims Database
Medical Claims
Access all-payor claims information associated with 247 million patients in the U.S.
Build cohorts of patients based on diagnosis, procedures, and prescriptions data
Healthcare products & databases
Our Platform
Get an essential view of healthcare providers and hospitals to inform your strategy
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  • Custom data feeds and FTP sites
  • Technology install data
  • Network leakage and referrals
  • Trended financial and quality data
  • Hospital and facility affiliations
  • Quality scores and CMS participation
  • Executive names and contacts
  • M&As and new capabilities
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