Provider Data for Pharmaceutical Companies

Analyze the prescription drug market by physician, hospital, or location

How Pharmaceutical Companies Use Definitive Healthcare's Data

Learn how pharmaceutical companies are using our data to track drug prescription trends within certain regions, analyze diagnoses in specific patient populations, and more.

Research Diagnosis and Procedure Trends

  • Conduct market share analyses by hospital, IDN, ICD-9 code, ICD-10 code, or DRG code.
  • Analyze total number of diagnoses by facility.
  • Analyze the number of drugs prescribed by name, therapeutic category, therapeutic class, or manufacturer.

Provider Affiliations and Leadership

  • Analyze affiliations with ACOs, HIEs, GPOs, and other organizations.
  • Pull executive phone numbers, email addresses, and other contact information.
  • See where facilities sit within an IDN and assess the scope of the IDN.


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