Top 10 children's hospitals in the U.S. by net patient revenue

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*Updated March 2022 

Children’s hospitals serve a special need on the healthcare continuum—providing care to one of the most vulnerable patient populations. These facilities offer treatment mindful of children’s physical and cognitive differences and serve as regional centers for research and preventive care

Our hospital database tracks 276 active children’s hospitals across the U.S. To see which children’s hospitals performed the highest in terms of net patient revenue (NPR), we compiled this list below. 

Top 10 children’s hospitals by net patient revenue 


Hospital Name 

Net Patient Revenue 

Cincinnati Children’s Burnet Campus 


Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) 


Texas Children’s Hospital 


Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford  


Nationwide Children’s Hospital 


Seattle Children’s Hospital 


Children’s Mercy Adele Hall Campus 


Boston Children’s Hospital 


Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego 



Cook Children’s Medical Center 


Fig. 1Data from Definitive Healthcare’s Hospital database. Data accessed February 2022. 

What is net patient revenue (NPR)? 

Net patient revenue (NPR) is the total money collected from patient services issued by payors, such as Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance. A high NPR is generally more favorable, as it can potentially contribute to a higher net profit.  

What is the #1 children’s hospital in the U.S. by net patient revenue? 

The top children’s hospital in the U.S. by net patient revenue is Cincinnati Children’s Burnet Campus, with a net patient revenue of $2,226,690,085. The average net patient revenue of the top 10 children’s hospitals is $1,581,279,353. 

Where are the top children’s hospitals by net patient revenue located?  

Two of the children’s hospitals with the highest net patient revenue are in Ohio, which is surprising considering its population compared to states such as New York and California—with 15 and 17 total children’s facilities, respectively. 

Which is the best hospital for pediatrics?  

Six of the hospitals with the highest net patient revenue also ranked in the top ten of the U.S. News Honor Roll of Best Children’s Hospitals, including Boston Children’s Hospital, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Texas Children’s Hospital. The Honor Roll highlights the top 50 children’s hospitals with high clinical and reputational rankings across multiple specialties. 

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