Top 10 largest physician groups

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A physician group is an organization of physicians who practice medicine under a single taxpayer identification number. A group may refer to an independent physician who owns and manages their own practice, or it may refer to a practice with two or more physicians delivering care within the same facility.

How many physician groups are in the U.S.?

Definitive Healthcare tracks more than 122,500 active physician groups in the United States. The number of physician practices ranges from practices containing just one provider or one practice location to larger groups made up of over 500 physicians and more than 50 practice locations.

Using the Definitive Healthcare PhysicianGroupView product, we have ranked the top 10 largest physician groups by the number of practice members. The number of group practice members includes the total number of employees at the practice, rather than just the practicing physicians.

Top physician groups in the U.S. with the most group practice members

Physician group name Main specialty State Definitive ID Number of group practice members Number of physicians
Southern California Permanente Medical Group Internal Medicine CA 550748 19,415 13,480
The Permanente Medical Group Internal Medicine CA 550751 18,323 11,684 
University of Pittsburgh Physicians (AKA UPMC Physicians)  Therapy - Physical Therapist PA 550835  10,772 6,569 
Select Physical Therapy  Therapy - Physical Therapist  PA 705013  10,527 5,452 
Mayo Clinic Physicians  Internal Medicine MN 550420  9,117  5,613 
HCA Florida Healthcare Physicians  Internal Medicine  FL 1047395  8,855  8,072 
Northwell Health Physician Partners  Anesthesiology - Anesthesiologist  NY 550489  8,259  5,411
Cleveland Clinic  Internal Medicine  OH 618513  7,877 5,574
CHRISTUS Health Physicians (FKA CHRISTUS Physician Group)  Family Practice  LA 746511  7,647  5,798
NYU Langone Health Physicians (FKA NYC University Physicians Network)  Internal Medicine  NY 577713  7,565  5,779

Fig 1. Data is from the Definitive Healthcare PhysicianGroupView product. The number of group practice member data is sourced from the NPI registry (updated monthly) and Definitive Healthcare proprietary research (updated weekly). Data accessed October 2023.

What is the largest physician group in the country?

The largest physician group in the U.S. by number of group practice members is Southern California Permanente Medical Group, with 19,415 members.

The second largest physician group is The Permanente Medical Group, with 18,323 group members.

The third top physician group in the U.S. by number of group practice members is the University of Pittsburgh Physicians (AKA UPMC Physicians), with 10,772 members.

The top two physician groups by number of group practice members are also part of Kaiser Permanente, an integrated delivery network (IDN) comprised of over 46,000 employees that operates across eight states and the District of Columbia. The vast number of employees, as well as operational locations, is likely a factor in these two physician groups having the highest number of group practice members.

The University of Pittsburgh Physicians group is also affiliated with a large healthcare system – the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center network, which has over 38,000 employees.

In fact, all ten physician groups listed above are affiliated with a health system. Health system affiliation is likely a contributing factor to the greater number of group practice members, as health systems are organizations of multiple institutions and facilities where the members may be employed.

How many physicians are in the U.S.?

The Definitive Healthcare PhysicianView product tracks over 2.7 million physicians. Of this total, about 1.4 million are affiliated with a physician group.

When examining the top physician groups by number of physicians, the top two groups that top our list of most group practice members also top the list with the most physicians.

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