Top 10 largest physician groups

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A physician group is an organization of physicians who practice medicine under a single taxpayer identification number. A group may refer to an independent physician who owns and manages their own office, or a practice with two or more physicians delivering care within the same facility.

Below, we’ve used PhysicianGroupView to rank the largest physician group by group practice members. The number of group practice members includes all employees at the practice versus just the number of practicing physicians.

Top physician groups in the U.S. with the most group practice members

Physician Group Name Main Specialty State Definitive ID # of Group Practice Members # of Physicians
Southern California Permanente Medical Group Internal Medicine CA 550748 17,514 12,022
The Permanente Medical Group Internal Medicine CA 550751 16,947 10,712
Select Physical Therapy Therapy - Physical Therapist PA 705013 15,475 8,630
Mayo Clinic Physicians Internal Medicine MN 550420 8,638 5,342
HCA Florida Healthcare Physicians Internal Medicine FL 1047395 8,079 7,180
Ascension Medical Group Family Practice IN 717580 7,108 4,671
Northwell Health Physician Partners Emergency Medicine NY 550489 7,012 4,724
US Anesthesia Partners Anesthesiology - Anesthesiologist FL 552756 6,633 3,642
HealthCare Partners IPA Cardiology - Cardiologist NY 92755 5,453 5,042
Geisinger Health Physicians (FKA Geisinger Medical Group) Family Practice PA 550339 5,436 3,621

Fig 1. Data is from Definitive Healthcare’s PhysicianGroupView product. Data is accurate as of August 2022.

From our list of physician groups, we can see that Southern California Permanente Medical Group is the largest with 17,514 practice members. The Permanente Medical Group ranks second with 16,947 members. Both physician groups are in California and belong to the same IDN, the Kaiser Permanente Health Foundation.

Four out of the top ten physician groups cited their main specialty as internal medicine, which is the study, diagnosis, and treatment of complex conditions affecting one or multiple internal organs. Other specialties on our list include family practice, physical therapy, emergency medicine, cardiology, and anesthesiology.  

All of the physician groups on our list, with the exception of Select Physical Therapy, appear on our list of the top 10 physician groups ranked by number of practicing physicians.

How many physician groups are in the U.S.?

Currently, there are 125,814 active physician groups operated in the U.S. that Definitive Healthcare tracks.

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