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Top 10 physician groups by number of physicians

Physician groups are an essential part of the healthcare industry as they provide patients with comprehensive care across a wide range of specialties.  

Definitive Healthcare tracks more than 125,000 physician groups in the PhysicianGroupView product. We explore which of these physician groups have the highest number of physicians below. 

Top 10 physician groups with greatest number of physicians

Rank Physician group name State # of physicians Explore dataset
Southern California Permanente Medical Group CA 11,998 Explore
The Permanente Medical Group CA 10,139 Explore
HCA Florida Healthcare Physicians FL 7,342 Explore
Mayo Clinic Physicians MN 5,375 Explore
HealthCare Partners IPA NY 5,042 Explore
Northwell Health Physician Partners NY 4,697 Explore
Ascension Medical Group IN 4,450 Explore
US Anesthesia Partners FL 3,828 Explore
Geisinger Health Physicians PA 3,695 Explore
10 Hill Physicians Medical Group CA 3,587 Explore

Fig. 1Data is from Definitive Healthcare’s PhysicianGroupView database. Data is accurate as of June 2022. 

Which physician group has the most physicians? 

Across the top physician groups, there are 60,153 total physicians, with an average of 6,015 physicians.  

Southern California Permanente Medical Group has the most physicians, with 11,998. The Permanente Medical Group has the second-highest number of physicians, with 10,139, and HCA Florida Healthcare Physicians has the third-highest number of physicians, with 7,342.  

Across the top 10 list, many of the physician groups are in highly populated states, like California, Florida and New York. It makes sense that higher staffed physician groups would be in more highly populated states since more physicians are needed to care for the greater number of people.  

What is a physician group? 

A physician group is an organization of physicians who work together to provide patient care. There are both group and solo physician group practices. Overall, physician groups are an important component of healthcare as they help enhance population health.  

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