Top 10 physician groups using Oracle Cerner's Ambulatory EHR

Ambulatory care or outpatient care is one of the fastest-growing segments in healthcare. As physicians deliver a higher volume of care in ambulatory settings, ambulatory electronic health records (EHRs) are becoming a primary hub for patient data. While inpatient EHRs are more suited for hospitals, ambulatory EHRs are designed to support outpatient care facilities and smaller practices.

According to Definitive Healthcare data, Oracle Cerner is the second most popular ambulatory EHR vendor in the U.S. with a market share of 23.21%. Cerner Ambulatory EHR aims to help healthcare providers enhance clinical and operational efficiencies while improving patient care and experiences. The most popular ambulatory EHR vendor is Epic Systems, with a market share of 41.1%. You can learn more about the top physician groups using Epic's EHR here.

Using Definitive Healthcare’s PhysicianGroupView product, we ranked the largest physician groups in the U.S. using an Oracle Cerner ambulatory EHR platform by number of physicians.

Largest physician groups using Oracle Cerner's Ambulatory EHR

Rank Physician Group Number of Physicians
1 Emory Healthcare Physicians 2,559
2 Banner Health Physicians 2,432
3 MedStar Health System Physicians 2,226
4 Intermountain Healthcare Physicians 1,552
5 BayCare Medical Group 1,343
6 Lifebridge Health Physicians 1,203
7 Kaleida Health Physicians 1,000
8 Children’s Hospitals & Clinics of Minnesota Physicians 974
9 Baystate Medical Practices 947
10 McLaren Medical Group 926

Fig 1. Data is from Definitive Healthcare’s PhysicianGroupView product. Data is accurate as of September 2022.

Which are the largest physician groups using Oracle Cerner EHR?

Georgia-based Emory Healthcare Physicians, the third largest physician group in Atlanta, ranks at the top of our list with more than 2,500 physicians. In second place is Arizona-based Banner Health Physicians, which has just under 2,500 physicians. Banner Health Physicians is affiliated with Banner Health, a non-profit health system that can be found on our list of Top 50 IDNs by total operating expenses and Top 25 IDNs by number of discharges, ranked 32 and 17, respectively. Intermountain Healthcare Physicians is fourth on our list and is also affiliated with a health system. Intermountain Healthcare was ranked eighth on our list of Top healthcare organizations in the news for affiliations and partnerships.

The physician groups on our list use Cerner’s PowerChart Ambulatory. Cerner PowerChart Ambulatory is a hybrid EHR solution that caters to clinicians in hospitals and ambulatory facilities. PowerChart is designed to help with multi-entity electronic medical record creation. It provides various built-in templates that cover different specialties, thus serving a wide range of medical providers.

What is health information technology?

Health information technology (HIT) refers to the electronic systems healthcare professionals use to store, share, and analyze health information. An electronic health record (EHR) is a central component of HIT. Other key elements include personal health records (PHRs), electronic prescribing (e-prescribing), and privacy and security.

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