Top 10 Largest Independent Hospitals

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As the healthcare industry changes, it has become increasingly common for independent hospitals to give up their autonomy and affiliate with another hospital or health system.

One main driver behind this push is the Affordable Care Act, as it encourages affiliations by rewarding integrated health systems that can achieve their proposed goals of new delivery models that reduce costs and improve quality of care.

Definitive Healthcare’s hospital database tracks intelligence, data, and analytics on over 7,400 hospitals.  Out of this total, Definitive Healthcare has classified only 2,275 hospitals as independent hospitals, hospitals that are not a part of a health system or hospital network.

Here is a list of the top 10 largest independent hospitals by number of staffed beds, according to Definitive Healthcare’s hospital database.

1.  Parkland Health and Hospital System – 794
2.  Lakeland Regional Medical Center – 783
3.  Johns Medical Center – 693
4.  Hebrew Rehabilitation Center – 667
5.  Western State Hospital – 659
6.  Maimonides Medical Center – 641
7.  Broughton Hospital – 589
8.  Spring Grove Hospital Center – 569
9.  Anthonys Medical Center – 568
10.  University Hospital (Stony Brook) – 562

This list is particularly interesting when comparing it to the largest hospital that is a part of a network, Florida Hospital Orlando, which has 2,277 staffed beds.

Additionally, this breakdown of hospitals by hospital type is also revealing. While the top three are all short term acute care hospitals, fourth on the list, Hebrew Rehabilitation Center, is considered a long term acute care hospital.

This list is also diversified because of its inclusion of their classification as psychiatric hospitals which include Western State Hospital, Broughton Hospital, and Spring Grove Hospital Center.

When looking at a top ten list of hospitals that are affiliated, the list is a mix of short term acute care hospitals and veteran affairs hospitals and does not include long term care hospitals or psychiatric hospitals.

As a pressure to affiliate only continues to grow, it will be interesting to watch the fate of these independent hospitals and whether or not they will retain their independence.

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